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ICF – Approved Coaching Certification Programs Online

Coach Transformation provides aspiring coaches and corporate professionals with an opportunity to learn and master coaching skills in the best way possible. Our ICF coaching certification online programs are fully interactive, flexible, and a pathway to internationally recognized coaching accreditations, including the International Coaching Federation (ICF), European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC), & Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) credentialing. We offer the best ICF accredited coaching programs in Hong Kong.

Create long-lasting transformations in your life and in others. Start an experiential journey toward your growth. Start coaching with Coach Transformation.

Building a Career in Professional Coaching

The ICF accredited coaching programs are designed to empower, enhance, and establish aspiring coaches who want to become professional coaches. Coach Transformation’s ICF coaching certification online ensures you receive world-class training, equipping you with the skills to excel in professional coaching and beyond. This is your chance to shape your future as the best professional coach in your own niche. Our tailored coaching programs not only meet but exceed industry standards, providing you with the knowledge and expertise needed to make a significant impact.

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8 May to 13 May 2024 CPC / 6 Days 6 pm to 1 am HKT Hybrid Register Now
8 May to 18 May 2024 SCPC / 10 Days 2 pm to 6 pm HKT Online Register Now
27 Apr to 2 Jun 2024 CPC / 6 Weekends 2 pm to 6 pm HKT Online Register Now
27 Apr to 30 Jun 2024 SCPC / 10 Weekends 2 pm to 6 pm HKT Online Register Now
20 May to 25 Jun 2024 CPC / 6 Weeks 10:30 pm to 2:30 am HKT Online Register Now
20 May to 23 Jul 2024 SCPC / 10 Weeks 10:30 pm to 2:30 am HKT Online Register Now

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Grow and acquire the skills essential to practicing coaching in the personal and organizational spheres through
Coach Transformation’s ICF accredited coaching programs. Here are some compelling reasons for agreeing:

Be able to obtain International Certifications in Coaching, including ICF Credentials, EMCC Practitioners, & SHRM PDCs

Learn experientially with Internationally Recognized Faculties

Become a member of the CTA Global Community

Learn in an inclusive and diverse environment

Acquire skills applicable in both personal and organizational contexts

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Mastering The Art of Coaching: A Journey to Professional Coaching Excellence

Your transformative journey toward professional coaching excellence begins with our ICF accredited coaching programs. Our ICF coaching certification online programs provide a comprehensive curriculum tailored to master the intricacies of life coaching, career coaching, executive coaching, and business coaching training programs. Through personalized mentorship and experiential learning, you'll develop the skills needed to make a profound impact in the coaching industry. Master the art of impact and embark on a fulfilling journey toward coaching excellence.