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ICF Life Coaching Certification Programs in Manama, Bahrain

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Coach Transformation Academy conducts ICF Life Coach Certification Training in Manama in Bahrain. We conduct ICF life coach training programs in Manama in Bahrain as 6 days of classroom training. We cover this ICF life coaching certification program in 60 hours of coach training, with all the required hours being led by our ICF Certified coaches. If you are interested in online coaching those sessions are conducted face to face, they are not recorded sessions. Life Coach Certification Training course is one of the high-demand coaching certification training courses in Manama in Bahrain. Participants can join life coaching course online or as a classroom coach training workshop. Our Life Coaching Certification training program is ICF-accredited life coaching program and it consists of 60 hours of coach training and 10 hours of coach mentoring. These 10 hours are divided in two parts 7 hours of group mentoring and 3 hours of one on one mentoring sessions with a professional life coach trainer.

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Life coaching is one of the fastest-growing businesses in Manama, Bahrain. Coach Transformation Academy is known for its best and world-class Life Coach certification Training programs not just in Bahrain but in the rest of the world as well. We strongly recommend taking this life coach training course if you wish to become a certified life coach as it is ICF-accredited and highly valuable in the coaching industry.

Coach Transformation Academy conducts a professional life coaching certification training program in Manama in Bahrain. During the mentorship session, in the ICF life coach training programs you will be taught a specialized module of 5 hours in coaching business development, teams, and group coaching models along with a six-step individual development plan. In the coaching certification training, we also provide a business builder module session for an hour which is an interesting yet enriching session for aspiring life coaches. The course is designed in a way that allows you to coach your peer coaches in real-time and on the basis of your performance, you will be provided specific feedback on how to improve your life-coaching abilities.

Life coaching courses also focus on understanding different aspects of life and how they affect people and their emotions. In this ICF life coach certification training, Coach Transformation Academy will teach you how emotions, beliefs, and values may prevent anybody from reaching their full potential, and how you, as a licensed and professional life coach, can assist your clients in moving and performing at their best. Most working professionals and our participants have described our ICF life coach training programs as a life-changing experience. In this life coaching program, you will not only learn and become a professional and certified life coach, but you will also learn how life coaching courses can help you identify your life’s purpose.

Becoming a life coach in Bahrain is an exciting and rewarding career choice if you are determined to become a Life Coach. By choosing the best life coaching certification programs, at Coach Transformation, you can be confident that you’re receiving the highest quality training available and setting yourself up for success as a professional life coach.

Our life coach training course is a comprehensive learning experience that includes learning new life coaching models and ICF coaching competencies, along with practicing them in coaching practice sessions with us, as well as receiving detailed feedback on your coaching skills from your coach trainer. Our life coaching courses are specified coach training programs that offer hands-on coaching experience, feedback, and mentorship from experienced coaches, with a supportive learning community.

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