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Success Stories

Stephen McNair

A big “THANK YOU” to Dr. Haris and his wonderful team. It is hard to find the words to describe how enjoyable and life-changing the experience was training with you.
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I had not anticipated that learning to become a coach would entail also developing myself. This unexpected benefit has certainly opened my eyes and changed the way I look at the world. I am still very much “work in progress”, and you have provided excellent course material and tools for me to keep changing for the better and move forward confidently as a coach. I also really appreciate the time you spent outlining the practicalities of how to get started as a coach. In a nutshell, I firmly believe that if you want to train with one of the most experienced, certified, and powerful coaches on the planet, then CTA and Dr. Haris are a great choice to minimize your risk and maximize your chances of success as a coach. Dr. Haris creates a positive feeling of partnership to bring out the best in you. For me, this training course also created several unexpected and wonderful “Agh Hah” moments, which positively changed my view of various live real-life situations and empowered me with vital skills and techniques to be a successful coach. This course is not just about getting certified but about helping you to reach your full potential and there is plenty of support from Haris and the team and the other coaches you meet.

Samar Al Mansoori

My journey with CTA has been very successful. I was looking for 2 days refresh course to go back to coaching business and get ICF accreditation but ended up attending the full 10 days program to become SCPC and more!
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All that because of the course instructor Dr. Haris. Very well experienced mentor; the personality and energy I felt the first time I spoke to him was all that I needed to join his course. His method and style in explaining ideas and concepts are outstanding. On top of that, he is very patient and trustful. The program delivered much more than what I expected and has made me overall more confident. After the training, I still enjoy being a CTA family member and attend a weekly structured mentoring program to achieve ICF accreditation with no extra charges. I highly recommend this program for those seeking personal improvements in their own lives and for those who want to take it as a career to help others through coaching. I won’t be able to personally thank enough Dr. Haris, his team, and my peers for all that this course has meant to me, but I hope I will be able to give to others at least a bit of what I received. Thanks for facilitating this opportunity for me to self-reflect and to learn how to establish and grow my coaching business. 

Amal Sharia

Harris has had a huge influence on my career interest and path; his training classes, coaching sessions, and mentoring style have helped me find the direction for a change I was searching for, returned the hope for a brighter future and better me.
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An amazing experience! You should really try and witness for self-growth and inspiration.

Pavithra Venkatesh

Whether it is about the inquiry or running the sessions, CTA has the best support team. They are both efficient and knowledgeable about how everything works.
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It’s indeed helpful to have such support throughout the session for all of us. Talking about sessions, one of the best sessions by Haris. Not even once there was presentations or projectors used. The majority of learning was through exercises and coaching sessions themselves, which is more beneficial for the students. The passion of Haris towards coaching is commendable, his vast experience is the reason for such successful programs. Although I joined the course more to explore, Haris has defiantly left a strong impression for me to seriously consider this has something I would pursue.

Aina Raj

Haris and CTA changed my life. I have never been so sure of what I wanted to do with my life. After years of being in a boring, mundane corporate role, stumbling upon CTA was life-altering.
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If it wasn’t for them, I wouldn’t have discovered my passion for Coaching. Getting trained as a coach was the best decision in my life. CTA is the best in Dubai, and this I say, after having considered so many other options. CTA has a very passionate and compassionate team that makes you feel like a family. I landed my first client while I was training, and I felt very confident to take her on board. The credit goes to Haris and CTA’s ICF approved curriculum, the way classes are conducted, and of course, how comfortable and confident they make you feel. Thank you for helping me find the purpose of my life. All the best, CTA and Haris!
Drasyl Maya

Darasyl Maya

We don’t have to fit ourselves somewhere or to someone, but it’s clear for me as well that when we can find a place where we can fit in, extraordinary things happen in every area of our lives.
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After putting an extra effort on asking my friend (Google) as to where I can find the right place for me to learn, broaden, and explore new things, both professionally and personally, a place where can I find the BEST academy for me to grow and inspire as a COACH. A place run by GREAT people whom I can lean till I reach my ideal self, and people who will guide me till I reach the best version of myself. ALL of these, I found in CTA ACADEMY, I’m blessed…Again, I’m not getting tired of saying that I am so grateful to CTA and those people behind this academy. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, well-done guys. It was life-changing, and you guys impacted me in so many special ways. Many people are searching for a perfect academy like me. One thing for sure, they will found out that CTA is the BEST and PERFECT academy for them…
Hasaan Al Shaikh

Hassan Al Shaikh

Words might not be enough to explain my experience with Dr. Haris in the CTA coach transformation program. Honestly, I had a brief coaching program earlier with an institute but never understood what it really meant.
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It’s like googling coaching vs mentoring every time!!! But with Dr. Haris, I’ve lived it, experienced it, fully got connected and enlightened about how every human got solutions within themselves, yet they need a guider/coach, or I don’t mind saying a savior to help them understand what deeply they need to know, how to get it out and realize it by themselves.


Dear CTA team,
I am so grateful for these two days, it was an amazing experience. You are doing an amazing job, and this training is everything an aspiring coach can wish for. Dr. Haris, you are a ⭐!
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Dear Coaches,
I feel blessed to know every one of you, and the connections we made will stay with me forever. I hope we stay connected and continue the great work that we all started with the help of the CTA team.


I have to say it really was an amazing 2 days with such amazing people. Thank you so much, Dr. Haris and Franda, for this opportunity and for your patience and humbleness in what you do.
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I really do hope to be back at some stage to continue the journey. Thanks again all, for such wonderful hearts. May the Almighty increase more of the likes of you. Best regards 😇💐
Hina Rais

Hina Rais

It was an honor to be a part of the 10-day Senior Professional Coach Certification program at CTA. The program is perfect for anyone looking for a deeper understanding of self and human nature and is very functional for aspiring coaches.
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It has genuinely transformed me and the way I think. I have learned a great deal and established a solid foundation for success in my life. The course is very structured and well-presented, and the content is remarkable. The coaches are incredibly inspirational and motivational. Dr. Haris is truly amazing- his state of being, zero judgment of others, deep understanding of human nature, passion – absolutely priceless! I was also amazingly surprised by the warmth and efficiency of the administration and faculty members. Everybody in the team is so helpful, committed, and welcoming. I want to thank the coaches and team CTA for all the support and for facilitating this amazing journey. For allowing me to see me for who I truly am!

Janara Habson

I was part of the CTA 10 days transformational course and will repeat it every year from now on. I love the team and their dedication.
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After the course, I started my own coaching business and cannot thank Haris enough to have created such an amazing place.

Abdul Rehman

Coach Transformation Academy – CTA is one of the finest coaching schools. They work on the student’s behavior building as a coach rather than just imparting the training, and that makes them unique.
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Their Business Build Up module during the course is so amazing and exceptional that it brings immense confidence among students as to how to set up their own coaching business. Their content is rich and very advanced, and the experiential methods of training used by Haris make the whole program amazingly engaging. The whole team of CTA is greatly supportive throughout the program. I made the right choice choosing them as my learning partner and highly recommend CTA to everyone willing to dive into learning coaching and set up its business.

Abdulaziz Fallatah

Coach Transformation Academy’s Diploma Workshop is the building block for those who want to become globally and professionally recognized coaches. The workshop is motivating and is conducted in a very friendly environment.

Dr. Lakshmi Radhakrishnan

An exceptionally dedicated team of the administration who are supportive and on-call any moment of the query. Above all, the center awards and guides the competent student coaches.
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The lead Coach Haris is an insightful researcher, and a dedicated coach partnering individual for corporate transformation and development. The regular classes are filled with the active learning experience, and online sessions of mentoring and learning add value to the learning journey. The international credentials of coaching from ICF, EMCC, SHRM, and BCC can be achieved through guided learning and certification process that includes assessment and actual coaching hours being evaluated. I have been through the journey, and it’s a path worth taking.

Geeta Suvarna

Great learning and warm connections made, thank you all, it has indeed a pleasure being together with all of you. Special Thanks and great regards for CTA for making all this and more possible.


Hazem Youseff

It’s been a lovely journey I’ve had with you all. Thanks for a lovely 10 days of warm family vibes. I can’t express how much I appreciate and learned a valuable lesson in life from everyone. Wish you all the best and stay in touch.


Rooprekha Sanil

Incredible learning experience… an amazing group with such positive vibes …Thank you all for the wonderful transformational journey to being a coach.


Sangeeta Manglani

I was so emotional this afternoon that I may not have expressed what I truly feel. I have just put my thoughts into words.
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A journey that started with a lot of apprehensions – slowly treading on it started to bloom me like a bud on a plant, not realizing when the first petal opened. Was it the sunshine or the water or the soil that supported it? Accepting and opening without inhibitions of what’s supporting the growth, I started to experience beauty in me and all around. So many buds of different colors blooming besides, each one accepting the sunshine, water, and soil from a source that kept enriching and fulfilling us to see the beauty that we have within and around us. A journey from apprehensions is now a journey that is a part of our very being.
Haris, this is what you have truly done.

Rohin Nambiar

Brilliant Program. I have attended the Senior Certified Professional Coach Program in Nov/Dec 2019. Coach Haris has created a curriculum that is different, engaging, and informative. Read more

The course is combined with a lot of activities that engage us and creates a feeling of togetherness while providing an opportunity to do real coaching sessions as part of the program. The team at CTA is very flexible and really helpful. I would recommend CTA to you! Cheers

Mohamed Abdulbaqi

Knowledge and engaging style made the learning experience remarkable. I recommend coaching programs with Dr. Haris for everyone who needs to develop and improve these skills and knowledge in this field.

Haneen Makkawi

Although it was only two days for me, yet they were enough to turn me around and open my heart and eyes to a completely new concept in life…that is coaching. Read more

I came back home with a wealth of knowledge. I must thank Dr. Haris and his lovely team, and nonetheless, the fabulous group I met and made connections with. The workshop granted me this gift of new friends and family. Thank you again for this.

Martin Peters

In all of my years of HR training and coaching, I would say that this training was at the top of all training in terms of professionalism, knowledge, and ability to get the best out of attendees. Read more

Very well done, Dr. Haris and team members! A very professional job. I will highly recommend this coach training program to others and have already done so.

Sarath Kumara

I followed the CTA-CPC program. Dr. Haris and the team took us through a transformational learning experience. The entire set up of the program helped to build a high level of confidence as a professional coach.Read more

Creating the mindset of a professional coach, providing required knowledge, nurturing required skills, and competences to become a professional coach was provided in an incubator environment. Highly recommend for anyone aspiring to become a person changing the lives of people for better.

Mohsin Shahzad

I’ve attended the 2 days diploma from trainer Samina Karimi. One of my best experiences so far of any training. Samina created an environment of learning by entertainment that helped me to be fresh and excited to learn more. Read more

She followed a very unique approach of portraying the coaching competencies with a logic to remember. This helped me see my daily life challenges in a different way and helping me to interact with difficult people easily. I highly recommend this course to everyone and even going for the next ACC course with her.

Shamma Al Nuwais

Hi! Dr. Haris thanks again, for such an amazing experience, and I missed you all. It definitely recharged me. I have been applying NLP with everyone and everything I do, and it’s amazing how it works.Read more

Even when I’m sleeping, I’m dreaming about it!! I’m doing my first session tomorrow at the Spa with one of my employees. I will keep you updated!

Hamdan Al – Zaabi

It was a good course. Full of theories, practice, and shared experience, the CTA team is supportive. Many thanks for the good program.

Sophie Dupont

I was part of the CTA SCPC course. After the course, I started my own coaching business and would like to thank you so much to the whole team. Haris and all the team are just fabulous!

Huzaifa Shabbir Hussain

At times, we don’t know things that happen in life are for a reason, and the same thing happened with me when I got in touch with Coach Samina Karimi. Read more

While meeting her for the first time, discussing my future career aspects, and knowing more about CTA, she introduced me to the diploma course, and I got convinced. I immediately signed up for the two days Diploma Training Program. That was a decision I will never ever regret in my life. The two-day program was phenomenal. It was an amazing workshop. Having the best part of it was that it was ppt less and a discussion-based 2-day program. The session was full of energy with intense discussions, case scenarios, and group activities. After the end of the 2 days, I’m able to give the answer to “who am I”, “what I know”, and how can I capitalize on both these terms. I have started listening to my heart more, as I feel at times that is something that brings transformation in your life. I think it was one of the most amazing experiences. I have stopped being judgmental about stuff and started applying that knowledge while dealing with people now in my professional life. Guys, if you are passionate about becoming a coach and excited in bringing in change in the life of the people, CTA is the best platform to be with!! Cheers!

Ch Shani Kamboh

I am so grateful to be a part of 2 days diploma held in Karachi. I want to give a special thanks to coach Samina Karimi.⁩ When I thought I couldn’t reach my goals, your 2 days workshop give me new energy, great person with a great course in a great institute.Read more

For me, it’s the first step to go with, really looking forward to the next 6 days or 10 days course offered by CTA. And recommend going with the 6-day program.

Nina Werner

I got much more than what I bargained for! The CTA family is very professional and provides outstanding services. When I started the online course, I didn’t even want to be a coach, I just wanted to improve my coaching skills to be a better consultant.Read more

A 6-day journey turned into a 10-day one with the conviction that I wanted to be a coach as well as a consultant. I’d highly recommend CTA for anyone interested in growing their coaching skills.

Nanditha Krishnan

Thank you for the wonderful PCC coaching program. One of the best programs I have attended, which was very engaging, with Dr. Haris being the crucible of blending learning with experience.Read more

It was a pleasure learning from Dr. Haris and would like to continue to partner with CTA for many more programs. Dr. Haris was able to keep the trust and the psychological safety of the participants intact, and hence, the group shared openly, which made the experience richer. Thank you, Dr. Haris and the whole CTA team, for making this experience seamless and smooth.
Salma Profil pic 2

Salma Al Hajjaj

The name transformation is truly befitting of CTA as it is just that, a transformation. The efforts and dedication of the CTA team experts in elevating capabilities and inspiring students to inspire others are amazing.Read more

The material provided is comprehensive, the LMS portal easy to use, and most importantly, the classes were engaging and full of valuable learning and insights. Dr. Haris is an amazing coach.


Franda, Thank you for one of the more intensive snap training I ever had, but still one of the most concrete and targeted. Your personal footprint was critical for that. You are inspiring and so supportive. We keep on the journey with you and CTA. ❤️🙏

Muna Juma

Thanks a lot, Franda, for this lovely course. Our journey just started, and we should keep investing our time in completing the requirements and gaining the coaching experience. I am really happy to join this diverse team and learn from each other.

Amna Yamani

I would like to thank each and everyone in this group for this memorable journey. I cannot find the right words to express my gratitude and appreciation. Read more

I’m just genuinely happy to be a part of it, the efforts of the entire team are beyond appreciated. Dr. Haris, you are a natural teacher. There’s so much passion in what you deliver, and I’m honored to be a member of the CTA family. 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽
Anna toiva

Anna Toiva

I went to yoga to calm down all my thoughts after this intense weekend, and I’m still sitting here, wondering how we managed to have those deep discussions in such a short time. Read more

The example sessions today were so powerful. I’ll remember them for a long time. Thank you, everyone, for being so open. 🤗
Bhakti (smile)

Dr. Bhakti More

Very memorable weekend! Thank you all for being a wonderful group, enjoyed being with you all. Haris, you have been an excellent master coach.This is the most interactive program I have ever attended. Read more

This is the most interactive program I have ever attended. Lots of learning through activities and very well structured. Franda loved your energy and warmth. CTA is a superb team

Steve McNair

Thanks, Haris and everyone! Awesome course and very much appreciated all even when it all seemed to end with me realizing it is me that needs to change!!! Read more

I had no idea when signed up how we would start to analyze ourselves first. Wishing everyone a great self-discovery journey and good health happiness and success! Take care! 
Dr Othman

Dr. Othman Al Khoori

Whether this is called a recommendation/reference / or a gratitude letter, the essence remains the same in that there is a deep wholeheartedly repertoire of appreciation for someone who walks the talk;Read more

someone who has trust instilled within his DNA; someone who can keep you engaged no matter how long the course goes; and someone who has a wonderful presence not only during the course but whenever you remember COACHING. His desire for help and support is unparalleled and will remain in my heart forever. Thank you, Dr. Haris, for everything and proud to be with your company during this long-lived coaching journey.

Jeanine Reyneke

I attended the Senior Certified Professional Coach training for ICF accreditation led by Dr. Haris Syed. Haris and his team are extremely professional and helpful. I had a positive experience from the first moment and throughout my training.Read more

Haris is a specialist in his field, and it was a privilege to learn from him. He is at all times aware of all the students in the group and takes special care to ensure everyone takes the learning away. Haris was also my mentor during my coach training. I believe his guidance and insights supported my growth as a coach in every way. I will not hesitate to work with Haris if I get a chance again.

Nour Albitar

It is a great pleasure to study coaching with Haris. His facilitation and mentoring styles are quite unique, and he had truly transformed me in many ways. Read more

He is a genuine person with an entrepreneurial mind and a kind heart. I am very glad I have made the decision to join CTA as a student.

Kinjal Desai Gathani

A true champion in his art. Grounded, real, and relevant, Dr. Haris Syed brings to the coaching world exactly what he promises, Transformation.Read more

His simple yet effective methods of imparting knowledge and impactful demonstrations in coaching are testimony to his domain prowess. It has been a pleasure to be guided and mentored by him & I look forward to many more such opportunities. Wishing team CTA and Dr. Haris Syed well deserved success in the years to come.

Abdulla Almesmari

Much appreciated the experience from the PCC program. The faculty members and the participants had all contributed to make this journey a successful accomplishment.Read more

I recommend joining the CTA programs for developing your coaching, training, and mentoring capabilities.

Umer Akber

CTA Team is engaged to deliver and they make their effort way beyond committed expectations!

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Sana Nomani

I started my journey with CTA on 2 June 2020. I never had an idea my life would take a 360-degree shift. The journey became an experience of my life, accompanied by mentors like Samina and Dr. Haris empowering the inner strength.Read more

I often thought of writing a testimonial but can’t find appropriate words to reflect what I felt during six days of training to learn to unlearn and relearn with the momentum. CTA offers transformation from being the true reflection of what u are and discover the passion for unleashing the coach inside you. Deepest regards for all the mentors and participants who were part of this journey.

Abrar Omar alqurashi

I find the coaching certification in CTA to be very useful and provocative. Along the course, I learned a lot about the theoretical information around coaching. Then we moved on to the practical part.Read more

There is lots of opportunity for class participation offering many points of views in a very safe environment. I always learn something and sometimes even change my mind! I was encouraged to challenge myself and do coaching for peers and receive insights that enhanced my experiences a lot. The support team is always available, and their prompt response was a great addition to my learning journey. I am a returning student for CTA for Team Transformation Professional Coach Training Program as my experience with the first certification was the best.

Roqaya Shambi Mohamad Albloushi

I have completed my coaching certification as SCPC with CTA Feb 2020. It was an amazing journey and eye-opening. It took me in my inner self and have discovered a lot of things about myself.Read more

What’s unique about coaching is that it works on you before anyone else and takes you to the right version to be ready as a professional coach. This journey wouldn’t be different without CTA team support and my mentor, Dr. Haris Syed. Thanks to all the CTA team to make this journey amazing and unforgettable.

Dr. Amani Hamza

I am obliged to express my gratitude to you for the unwavering support and guidance through our experience with CTA.Read more

I know you are a good team and doing a great job, but I still love to commend it, thank you and appreciate your support.

Sasha Matar

I signed up for the SCPC course with CTA, not really expecting what kind of learning will be waiting for me. Changing while learning was evident, but I got way more: I benefited from the extended period of the class’s delivery, which was a plus.Read more

I had enough time to slowly process and test every information learned and grow afterward. The community is amazing, I became friends with my mentor, my trainer and I met people from all around the world who have the same goals as mine: learn more, grow, transform and then provide the same learning to our surrounding and push them to grow and transform the same way we did. Joining CTA was a start for a journey of continuous transformation! I encourage everyone to join in if they are ready to change and transform!

Vandna Lilaramani

My journey towards becoming a life coach has been transformational. The path was filled with several uncertainties and discoveries and the most rewarding epiphanies.Read more

Training as a life coach has taught me so much more about personal behaviors and initiated a magical metamorphosis to serve my purpose in life. CTA has been immensely instrumental in understanding my passion for helping people and enabling them to achieve their potential. I am grateful to Dr. Harris and his team for being supportive throughout the entire process of training and even after. The additional training sessions have been such a great help to boost my confidence as a coach-in-training and provided me with an excellent opportunity to expand my network.
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Franco Sciacchitano

I was searching for a remote fast track and had no other requirements; my surprise was even more significant. I discovered through my meetings spirituality, benevolence, humility, seriousness, and above all, personalized support, thanks to the cohort, to Dr. Haris and to Damian.

Hamze Ghandour

It was a great experience to be part of the Feb online Cohort. Taking the training program to be a Certified Professional Coach is the first step to a long journey.Read more

It started with a self deeper discovery journey to be able to partner with others in their journeys. Highlights are first the great experience of the faculty, new deep relations had been created with the cohort participants, and even with participants from previous cohorts.
Skill Builder and Community of practice platform were supporting our practice, learning, and experience sharing. More than that, even with some challenges, the team kept on improving to work on making our experience better. What will always be with me is, “we can be on the same territory yet having a different map.”
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Muna Juma Khamis Alajami

It is a great pleasure to attend courses with CTA. They are very helpful and supportive, offering hands-on activities and practicing the coaching techniques and toolsRead more

with experienced coaches to gain knowledge and elevate my skills. I really recommend anyone to join the CTA group and to start the coaching journey with them.

Keri Parkes

Becoming a certified coach with CTA has been a rewarding journey, both professionally and personally. Franda was a joy to be trained by.Read more

She brings so much energy to her classes, making the content engaging in enriching your learning experience. It is supported by the wisdom and mentorship offered by Haris. CTA is a more than a learning faculty, and they’re a coaching community.

Pooja Sagar

To say that the SCPC program was a good program is an understatement. It was a program par excellence conducted by an exceptional mentor, coach, and trainer, Dr. Haris.Read more

It was his immense patience, in-depth subject knowledge, and an impressionable style of training which has made every penny I spent, worth all the money I invested. Right from Neil Nabeel to Sanchit to Dr. Haris and Franda and John, the entire team made the journey a journey that has left an indelible mark on me.  

Thank you, CTA…. kudos to you. Keep up the excellent work


Rola Dehni Treash

Attending CTA was one of the best decisions I have made. It was a great experience and I feel so blessed to have met all these wonderful people from all over the world, including the mentors, trainers, admins, and peers.Read more

My cohort trainer, Franda Graves, was amazing. She is extremely knowledgeable and made the course interactive. Additionally, Skill Builder sessions were also a great advantage to the training as they added a practical component. At first, I was hesitant to go back to studying as it has been a while since I graduated. I can say that I have really enjoyed this course, it was very informative and I benefited from a variety of new things. Every session made me eager to learn more and motivated me to attend the next one.  It has been an amazing and pleasant journey. I have learned so much and I feel that this transformative training has not only supported me on how to become a coach but also how to improve myself as an individual.

Natalie Berro

Since joining CTA I found that my life has changed dramatically. Not only have I grown more on a personal level but I am able to hear and see deeper meanings behind each conversation I have with people.Read more

 I have learnt more about myself which is a key aspect in becoming a true coach. I have also learnt more about what is said and unsaid in conversations with peers and clients. Mrs Franda has been an amazing teacher who has guided me in becoming a professional coach. Her professional knowledge and skills has made my journey easy and prosperous. Dr Haris taught me what I need to know about listening to clients on a different level where unsaid words are heard. His professionalism and talent has made me become a genuine coach. I thank CTA for this beautiful growing journey and highly recommend this coaching experience to be taken with them.

Dina Radwan

I had been waiting for a long time to start my coaching journey and after a lot of research I am so happy I ended up taking on this journey with CTA. 
I have learned so much and I can honestly say that getting certified with CTA has awoken a side of me I am happy to get to know.Read more

Franda was an energetic mentor and teacher, who put her heart into her classes. I have learned so much through Skill Builder and having the opportunity to witness peer coaching outside of our cohorts! Additionally being mentored by Haris has been tweaking all my learnings and coaching skills, which I am enormously grateful for. Additionally, I love the community that CTA puts a lot of effort into building, I have made friends with some amazing coaches and it’s such an amazing and supportive environment
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Neamah Almutairi

My short journey with CTA was a life learning experience. It started with a call from the inside to search for the right coach training course, and I found myself in the right place.Read more

My short journey with CTA was a life learning experience. It started with a call from the inside to search for the right coach training course, and I found myself in the right place. I came to the training academy during those hard times of grief and losses, and as if a magical hand mended those ached parts of me and brought me back to life, energy and hope. I feel more confident now that I can help myself, and others who might be going through a similar experience.  Thank you CTA.

Sahishnu Majumdar

I think CTA not just helps you develop as a professional coach but more it helps you grow as an individual. Dr. Haris gently guides you through a process of self-discovery where you uncover more of your true self – one layer at a time.Read more

Our 10-module course spread across 2 and half months was one such journey where when the last session comes to end you awaken to the fact that the journey has just begun. Phenomenal, exciting, inspiring, wonderful, enlightening…call what you may, the truth is that you enter the chrysalis as a moth and emerge a butterfly. Coach transformation is Complete transformation of the Individual. Thank you Dr. Haris for introducing me to a new me
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Eman Al Hashmi

This course was very informative and fruitful, all the staff is highly educated, well mannered, and they really want to make the world a better place for everyone.Read more

I highly recommend them for every coachee who wants to become an effective Coach for real.

Syed Husain

Amazing learning experience it did create an impact on how I do things…so much of clarity in terms of what not to do and what to do as a coach.Read more

Special mention for our mentor Dr. Haris who has been exceptional in mentoring us during the course. Also, the support team from CTA has been amazing. If you dream to be coach CTA is the place.

Damian K. ten Bohmer

It would be remiss of me not to write down some honest, heartfelt words of gratitude for my time with Coach Transformation Academy during the April 2019 Diploma and ACC training cohort.Read more

I can’t recommend this workshop enough for anybody wanting to grow their personal or professional coaching skills. It’s changed my life for the better. This is a wonderful opportunity I have, to share some words about Dr Haris SAYED, the Founder and Director of Coach Transformation Academy. It’s hard to keep my words brief and to the point. Haris is a genuinely caring person, one that wants us to stretch and grow as coaches, but also as individuals. He is gentle and so sincere in his want to share the vast knowledge he has with others. I have enjoyed being trained, mentored and coached by Haris, and I look forward to working with him for a long time to come.
Rola Hamadeh

Rola Hamade

My transformational journey with CTA has been very rewarding on the personal level and I can foresee a successful professional coaching career in the future.Read more

The Learning experience with Dr. Haris is like no other: his humble persona, extensive knowledge & huge  wisdom are striking to say the least. A coach and mentor who “talks the talk and walks the walk”.  Many thanks for the support of CTA team all the way, namely Noshaba and Sanchit.

Reimus Josef Calvez

The learning transformation with CTA goes above & beyond coaching as a profession. Read more

It is by far the best decision I have ever made and a complete Life transformation!  Truly is an inspiring experience with Dr. Haris, the faculty, and cohorts making this world a better place

Afnan Faisal Sajini

Since joining CTA my life changed a lot. I’ve learned a lot about who I’m and who I want to be and what is and is not coaching.Read more

I wanted to thank My Coach Franda for her amazing support and her teaching us the skills. I also want to thank Dr. Harris for COP platform that helped us learn about coaching and many other new skills that we had as a team of coaches. I would really recommend Coach Transformation Academy to anyone who is looking forward to finding change. Thank You CTA. 

Sandrine Prat

Everyone has a story to tell about how they turned adversity into opportunity during COVID 19.My story to tell is that I decided to enrich my life by gaining knowledge with CTA.My life changed and I feel more confident, I gained the best tool which is Self-awareness.Read more

Thanks CTA to have transformed my life and now I am so motivated to encourage my future clients and empower women by partnering with them and guide them to their transformation’s journey.I would like to thanks Franda for her amazing postive energy. She is like a magnet. She share with us her enthusiasm, her knowledge and a full dedication during all those months. 
I am definitely now the best version of myself and ready to be a great coach.Thanks to CTA 

Anjali Daswani

This course has been a wonderful experience. Dr. Haris is truly an ideal example of the perfect coach with a wonderful personality that makes it so natural.  So having him as a mentor made it easy to understand and get the seeds of a coach learned. Read more

 A combination of this to working with a group of very supportive students and also, that coaching is such a noble profession in my opinion just put the cherry on the cake.  I feel great for having had the opportunity to work with all of you. Thank you

Munirah Alsubait

One of the best experiences. Not only the knowledge i gained from the program, but also i get to meet with great people throughout the learning journey. Read more

The program is organized enough to help you plan ahead with your own path. The team is way more than supportive any time and for any kind of support. 
I enjoyed the journey and I thank you for that!

Marina Iaconi

My journey with CTA was incredible from the moment I made my first phone call and Noshaba answered my call to dealing with admin issues with Sanchit. The team supported me in all my questions all the way.Read more

My journey was further enhanced when our coach trainer Franda Graves supported and partnered with me on this journey of becoming a coach and transforming myself into a better me. She is truly so insightful, wise, experienced and a stronghold as trainer. I experienced a great team of people lead by an insightful leader Dr. Haris Syed who truly understands coaching in all its aspects. I highly recommend CTA as learning centre if your dream is to become a coach in whichever situation or direction you wish to develop in 
Dr Othman

Dr. Othman Al Khoori

Dear Dr. Haris, the least to say is a million thanks to you and your distinguished team for facilitating this transformation for me to earn this designation.Read more

 You really made my day and more than that, with this qualification I feel like I have really invested my time and effort not only productively but in an efficient and effective manner throughout this pandemic.
You made it worthwhile and not an easy accreditation and that made the difference quite honestly so I feel the earning bit more than the entitlement bit.

Samar Hajir

My learning with CTA has been a life-changing experience. They offer world class level of customer care and their administration/business support team is beyond exceptional. Everyone was there to answer questions at all times (day, night, weekday or weekend). Read more

Dr. Haris is more than a mentor or MCC. He gives from the heart, has immense knowledge and wisdom and his teachings are from another world. Absolutely loved everything about CTA and i highly recommend it for anyone who is willing to advance his career and life. 
WhatsApp Image 2020-11-29 at 13.00.51

Anne Perera

Joining CTA is indeed one of the best decisions I have made as it not only helped me grow as an individual to see beyond but also transform into a coach with a heart and soul. Ms. Franda Graves’s teaching and guidance has been an important part in my growth as a coach.Read more

The regular nudge of confidence she gave us during our lessons empowered me and brought the sort of passion one needed to thrive. Her time was shared with me whenever I needed to discuss the course or how my coaching is progressing. The coach transformation journey was further nourished with Dr. Syed Harris’s teachings, and that’s to say coaching lies deep down in a place where we are all able to reach once we start to explore our emotions and not limit to the thoughts we cultivate. It truly has been a wonderful experience, I was also able to get ample support during the course from the team at CTA . My first call was to Ms.Noshaba Mehwish, for an introduction and she was patient with all my initial questions. From the first class to now Mr. Sanchit Jain has been a great support with many questions I have for him up to now related to the course. It’s been a wonderful experience and I wish CTA the best always! 
WhatsApp Image 2020-11-29 at 17.11.32

Dhouha Khaldi

It was a big challenge for me to take the step and change my carrer to a life coach! I am thankful that I chose to go through this experience with CTARead more

Dr Haris is very professional, kind and helpful. He easily makes you feel comfortable and ready to bring your best out of you . biiiig big big biiiiig thanks to Sanchit and Noshaba!! So helpful and patient with continuous positive energy! Thank you
WhatsApp Image 2020-11-28 at 18.42.29

Yogesh Bhojwani

I started my Coaching career with CTA. Although it’s all been virtual thanks to the pandemic, the experience hasn’t been short of quality or purpose. Read more

The faculty, teachers, coaches & the Master coach himself have all taken upon themselves to ensure the high standards of the coaches coming through. I have nothing but good words for the institute & the community of coaches which has been like family. 
new cropped IC

Christian Charlton

I recently attended the Senior Certified Professional Coach (L1&2), which far exceeded my expectations. My initial expectation was that I would learn the basics of coaching….. I learnt far more! Right from the start, this course truly transforms YOU with the CTA approach to Coaching.Read more

TFurthermore, this is more than just a standard course: I feel that CTA helps to set up a career, arms you with new skillsets, promotes self-reflection and awareness as well as offering a guide to a fully-fledged business strategy. This course is really life changing. Thank you Haris and the entire team for offering and guiding me through the ‘Transformation’ and just being inspiring
WhatsApp Image 2020-11-30 at 12.14.15

Soundari Vishnumpettai Vedagiriswaran

The SCPC program offered by CTA is not another training program. The course itself is a transformative experience. Dr.Haris as the expert coach guides all participants about the coaching process, through practice and effective feedback. The conceptual foundation is strengthened by highlight the relevance to the practice…I looked forward to every session – there was intense conceptual grounding and even more intense sessions of “being” the coach.Read more

Applying the coaching models, innovative ways of practicing, and adaptive use of technology-enriched the experience. The pace of the program provided for space and reflection to better oneself not just professionally but holistically as a person. Understanding of coaching as professional practice is well outlined and immensely supported by Dr.Haris and his team. I have always been passionate about coaching and people development, Dr.Haris as the expert coach has ignited the need to convert this awareness into action. I sincerely thank the whole CTA team for the experience and looking forward to the journey ahead… 

Robert Jim Beck

I found the senior professional coaching program to be both educational and developmental. I derived a lot of personal benefit in becoming more reflective and honing my listening skills. Read more

Dr. Haris is an outstanding coaching mentor and I learned a lot during the evaluation and tuition sessions. I would recommend the CTA program for anyone who is seeking to take their coaching skills to the next level or as part of a personal development journey in the management of human relationships. 
WhatsApp Image 2020-11-30 at 22.05.31

Jalal Marzook

I had a powerful journey with CTA attending Senior Certified Coaching Program with Dr. Haris being captain.Read more

definitely recommend the course for everyone, even if you do not intend to start a coaching business. Thank you again for the support and the great learning experience. 
WhatsApp Image 2020-11-20 at 18.47.00

Ludmila Koronakis

The SCPC program offered by CTA is not another training program. The course itself is a transformative experience. This was a life change journey that I will never forget. It brought so much value to my carrier and all aspects of my life.Read more

I am forever thankful for the passion and dedication of Coach Franda Graves on sharing her knowledge. I thank Dr. Harris, Coach Sanchit and the whole CTA team that has been amazingly supportive.. 
WhatsApp Image 2020-12-05 at 20.28.02

May Mutti

It’s a great learning experience at Coach Transformation Academy full of knowledge and practice. Read more

The coach Transformation Academy team is amazing and so much cooperative.. 

Yobdar Bakri

I had the pleasure of joining the August cohort of CTA’s SCPC certification course. In a time when we were all getting used to online learning, Dr. Haris made it easy for us to connect with him and each other, providing an ideal learning environment for us.Read more

Haris’ style of teaching is well balanced between theory and practice and truly demonstrates the essence of a good coach. I appreciated most his humility and kindness and hold him in high regard as a friend and mentor. 

Sneha Kamalnath

Education’s purpose is to replace an empty mind with an open mind” Dr. Haris through his Coach Transformation Academy exemplifies the above quote. The courses are designed to incorporate knowledge in a systematic manner and kindle enthusiasm. They are structured in a way to maximize the effectiveness of an individual as a Coach.Read more

The cohort of students are from all around the world and the diversity adds more value to the learning process. Dr Haris is very knowledgeable and he brings with him wide experience of transforming individuals, teams and companies. He embodies the spirit of teamwork and operates with high standards of professionalism, ethics and attentiveness. I am so glad that I have a mentor/teacher like him and I proudly recommend CTA to all the aspiring coaches 

Adelynn C.Lim

I have the privilege recently to be part of the Oct cohort of Dr. Haris’s intensive coaching program at CTA. Dr. Haris has been very supportive and patiently provided a lot of guidance and advice that helped me learn and grow as a coach. Read more

He held the space for me to express myself and his constructive feedback allows me to reflect deeply and further develop and improve my coaching skills. Thank you Dr. Haris. 

Soundari Vishnumpettai Vedagiriswaran

Dr.Haris Syed is an articulate teacher and an ace coach, who enables students to learn continuously. He is immensely observant and provides apt feedback. He practices every aspect he teaches. He is patient, humane and creates conducive environment for learning and sharing.Read more

Observing him coach is a great learning experience to pick nuances of the profession. He has a great sense of humor and is a wordsmith – he comes up with spontaneous quotes and creative analogies that reinforce learning. He is simple and humble inspiring those around to aspire and bring out the best in them. 

HMS Sarath Kumara

First time in my life I met such a wonderful trainer, mentor, entrepreneur, and more than that a simple, authentic, human with integrity. You made me different Dr. Haris and world will benefit from that transformation. Good luck for your great journey to the future.Read more

Kamelia Allow

I have greatly enjoyed taking both levels of the Senior Certified Professional Coach Training Program developed and delivered by Dr. Haris Syed PhD, MCC at Coach Transformation Academy, Dubai, UAE, accredited by International Coaching Federation. Read more

Dr. Haris was my coach and mentor. During the course and certification process he has proven himself to be a generous and giving leader who educates and encourages us all to do our best. 

Zarina Tariq

I, thankfully, chose CTA for my Coaching & NLP training in 2019 (right before the pandemic hit!). With Dr. Haris as our lead trainer, I got a plentitude of hands-on training & experience on how to practically use NLP/Coaching techniques on clients.Read more

Having years of experience in coaching on his side, Dr. Haris is the perfect teacher/trainer – humble, empathetic, patient & genuine. I would highly recommend training with Dr. Haris. 

Nanditha Krishnan

Dr. Haris is one of the warmest human beings I have experienced who has an innate ability to connect with people and coach them to help them realise their potential. An empathic listener who is capable of deciphering the deepest of thoughts in the client.Read more

A very humble individual who holds psychological safe spaces for the client to explore and unravel deep within. I had the pleasure of learning under Dr.Haris and am walking away with a treasure of insights. Thank you, Dr. Haris.

Divij Patvardhan

A fantastic mentor coach who has helped me boost my coaching skills and broaden my understanding of the field. Haris has been able to help me change my perspective of a situation and discover different ways of handling it, in turn, making it more impactful for my clients. Read more

WhatsApp Image 2020-08-14 at 14.08.15

Samar Hajir

Dr. Haris is an exceptional Mentor and person. His calm demeanor and soft presence help anyone who works or trains with him. He has vast knowledge in everything he says and he walks the talk.Read more

Very professional and holds immense wisdom in dealing with all types of personalities. He knows what to say, when to say and how to say it, which is a curriculum in itself. I couldn’t imagine myself getting trained by anyone else🙏🏻 Thank you Dr. Haris, you are phenomenal! 

Joe Koueik

Dr. Haris is a great facilitator, I’ve enrolled in the senior certified professional coaching program with him, and it was very beneficial. Dr. Haris is very knowledgeable, patient and very supportive.Read more

AHe gave us the chance to practice coaching during the class, though the course happened through Zoom, yet it was very smooth and easy to learn. On the other hand, the one-on-one mentoring sessions were beneficial, and Dr. Haris feedback was very professional and very empowering. 

Corinda de Witte - Certified Life Coach

Corinda De Witte

I did the transformation life coaching and executive coaching with Dr.Haris Syed. The course was amazing and you get much more than you expect. The content was very interesting and I personally learned a lot. Read more

The course was a personal transformation for me. Dr Haris is a kind and inspirational teacher. I want to thank Dr.Haris and his team for supporting me on this new and exciting journey. I’m very grateful for this experience. It is one of the best investments I have done.

Dr. Ali Alqayedi

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Dr. Haris when I attended an online Senior Certified Professional Coach (SCPC) training program in July 2020 where Dr. Haris was the master trainer and mentor Coach. Above all I was impressed by his delivery style and his depth of experience as an ICF Master Certified Coach (MCC). I would highly recommend Dr.Haris.Read more

WhatsApp Image 2020-11-08 at 13.41.45

Vishal Naithani

Dr.Haris is an excellent facilitator and Coach. Post the classroom training I could feel that ‘step-up’ in my mindset and approach as a practicing Coach. The SCPC program was a great learning experience for me comprising of theory, classroom practice and assignments for a holistic learning experience.Read more

 In addition to this, Dr.Haris‘ calm demeanor and amicable attitude is perfect as a mentor Coach that makes him highly approachable. What really stood out for me was deep, immersive learning through self-reflection. I wish him and Coach Transformation Academy all the best! 

WhatsApp Image 2020-12-17 at 15.48.47

Tony Lor

I selected CTA for a coaching training mainly because Dr Haris is so well recognized and incredibly qualified to deliver such program. Not only did I get what I expected to get which is all the knowledge, experience and structure required to eventually become ICF accredited but I also got tons of things I didn’t expect. Here would be my top 3. 1- Meeting incredible people. Despite the remote environment I got to meet and practice with people from all over the world with such different backgrounds and yet so similar qualities. 2- Flawless organization. Well supported by his staff and modern communication tools as well as a well-built Learning Management System, I never felt lost and was almost handheld throughout the entire program. 3- Fun. Read more

So much fun. Sometimes the program requires us to go deep and discuss heavy topics, but many times we get to have fun and Dr Haris demonstrated a great sense of humor! As a cohort we developed sort of a team spirit despite the distance. The intensity of the program brought every participant just closer together and we all support each other to achieve our goals. You never get to feel lonely and can always count on others no matter what time it is, since we re from all over the world! Thank you for everything Dr.Haris!

Syed Husain

It is with great pleasure that I recommend Dr Haris Syed for mentoring the Coach Training Program. He is one of the best Mentor/Coach that I have come across. His style of delivery is very unique and his programs stands out.Read more

I had the opportunity to attend his Sr. Certified Professional Coach training program and I can personally vouch that it was an outstanding and enriching experience. I would like to express my sincere Gratitude.

Shashishnu Majumdar

I think Dr. Haris not just helps you develop as a professional coach but more helps you grow as an individual. He gently guides you through a process of self – discovery where you uncover your true self one layer at a time.Read more

Our 10-module course spread across two and half months was one such journey where when the last session came to an end, you awaken to the fact that the journey has just begun. Phenomenal, exciting, inspiring, wonderful, enlightening…call what you want to, the truth is you enter the chrysalis as a “moth” and emerge a “butterfly”. Thank you Dr. Haris for introducing me to a new me 

Nina Werner

Haris led the intensive coach training and mentoring over Zoom masterfully. He managed to create a professional and open learning environment for all of us to feel included and at ease while teaching us the skills to be professional coaches. Read more

WhatsApp Image 2020-12-17 at 18.02.22

Abdulla Almesmari

Working with Dr. Haris was a fortunate opportunity for me. Attending his Advanced Coach Training Program enabled me to explore the hidden coach within me. He is astonishingly capable in explaining the coaching competencies with real-life examples. He always assures delivering professional training and mentoring programs. I highly recommend Dr. Haris in case you would like to unleash the coach within you!Read more

Lassi Viljakainen 3(1)

Lassi Albi Viljakainen

Dr. Haris Syed is one of the best coaches that I have come across in my career. His self-delivered training programs for coaches are a unique combination of top-notch coaching practices and a personal connection second to none. Personally, I have completed my first two coaching levels with Dr. Haris Syed and do not have to think twice about where to finalize my Master Coach level in the future. I highly recommend his coaching programs to anyone serious to embark on a coaching journey. Read more


Salma Profil pic 2

Salma Al Hajjaj

I attended the Sr. Certified Professional Coach training with Haris. It was an outstanding and great learning experience. Haris’s consistent “unconditional positive regard” and commitment to the coaching values makes him a true expert in his field and a wonderful coach and tutor. I look forward to continuing my coaching and will be forever grateful to Haris’s guidance and mentorship. Read more

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