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Certified NLP Practitioner Coach

Online Certified NLP Practitioner Certification Training

Apply Neuro Linguistic Programming in Your Business, Profession, Coaching

General Program Vision and Goals:

This program aims to train participants on Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) skills develop communication, coaching skills and art of using persuasive language. Participants will learn to apply NLP skills in their current profession, business and coaching business. Participants learn various NLP models, tools and techniques and its application as a coach in their coaching practice.

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Course Modules Details:

NLP Practitioner Coaching modules advances the knowledge of coaches on human communication patterns and its application in coaching and in organizational context. Each NLP model is linked with building upon coaching skills using NLP tools & techniques followed by coaching practice and identifying Core Competencies and improving coaching practice

Participants will learn following NLP skills during the course modules –

  • NLP Communication Model
  • NLP Rapport Building Skills
  • NLP Goal setting skills
  • Coaching using NLP skills, tools and technique
  • NLP Presuppositions
  • DILTS Model – Logical Level of Changes
  • NLP Frames for Coaching
  • NLP Meta Programming
  • Circle of Excellence
  • Working with self-limiting beliefs and values
  • Sensory Acuity & Calibration
  • Persuasive Language
  • Representational Systems
  • Anchoring
  • Re-framing
  • NLP Coaching tools and techniques

Number of hours of student contact time:

The program is designed for 6 days as Live online training for 60 hours. The NLP Practitioner course also comprises of assignments and other non-instructor led learning engagements.

Learning goals: 

The goal of NLP practitioner program is to equip learners with essential NLP skills and advance coaching skills to effectively facilitate human behavior change through NLP coaching tools and techniques. This program is of great value for coaches who wish to improve their own communication and understand others language patterns.

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Coaching philosophy:

Our NLP coaching philosophy is based on Richard Bandler’s NLP teachings of NLP. Includes best NLP models and tools for practicing in life coaching, executive coaching, career coaching and business coaching. Our program is highly engaging and practical in nature. All course material is designed basis adult learning principals and psychology.

Lead Instructors: 

ICF Credentialed PCC or MCC Coach, Certified NLP Trainer with CTA Coaching Skills Trainer Certification.

Dates and Locations: Click here to check online course dates.

Program Language: English.

Mode of Delivery: This course is offered as classroom as well as online program.

Intended participants: Anyone who wish to learn NLP coaching skills to apply in current profession/business. Professionals who want to advance their coaching and communication skills. Generally, this course attracts HR, Sales & marketing, training professionals, corporate managers, leaders and coaches.

Course Prerequisite: There is no per-requisite for this program however we prefer to speak to you by phone or Skype to confirm a fit with your goals and interest.

Policies on payment of tuition fees, withdrawals and refunds:

We offer a discount for registering for upfront payments, corporate group and learners who have their group to register to a class and we offer installment payments. Certification and use of our proprietary content is contingent on payment in full. We want our learners to be committed and serious before they register for our program and therefore we do not offer refunds once payment is made by you. However, you can use your payment for future program with a rescheduling fee of $250. If you miss any 3 classes during the course, your admission will be suspended, you can get your classes reinstated with a reinstatement fee of $250 and we will reschedule your classes.

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