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Coaching Skills for Managers

Enhancing Team Performance with Coaching Skills for Managers Program

General Program Vision and Goals: Coaching Skills for Manages program aims to develop managers coaching skills to drive their team’s performance and engagement. Managers will learn to act as a coach and using coaching skills as their managerial style at workplace. This program introduces coaching skills and its application to drive team’s performance, engagement and collaboration skills at workplace. Participants will learn coaching skills using coaching models, core competencies and apply their learning in practice coaching sessions with regard to their current workplace challenges.
Coaching Skills for Managers Program: This course has 11 modules and there is additional 10 hours of mentoring for managers which is not included in 11 modules, managers’ mentoring is done as 7 hours of group mentoring and 3 hours of individual mentoring.

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Following 11 modules as part of the curriculum and they are categorized as foundational, intermediate and advance module.

Foundational Level Modules –

  • Coaching & Self Discovery
  • Self & Coaching

Intermediate Level Modules –

  • Coaches Journey & ICF Coaching
  • Coaching Goals & Agreements
  • Communicate to Build Rapport Trust & Intimacy
  • Mindfulness to Mindlessness
  • Listening to Learn
  • Door to Awareness

Advance Level Modules –

  • Communication to Awareness
  • Awareness of Awareness
  • Actioning & Sustaining Awareness

Number of hours of student contact time: The program is designed for 60 hours of learning coaching skills; 32 hours of content is delivered on-site as classroom training, 12 hours of online face to face live training, which is completed in 4 sessions of 3 hours each and 12 hours of assignments and projects to implement learning at workplace and other non-instructor led learning engagements. The 10 hours mentor coaching is delivered across three months to ensure managers effectively apply learning and prove the learning application at workplace.

Learning goals: The goal of this program is to train managers on applying coaching skills at an expertise level and make them competent in applying the learned coaching skills in driving team performance at workplace. Participants will be fully equipped to use various coaching tools and models required to facilitate coaching at workplaces.

Coaching philosophy: Our coaching philosophy draws from transformational coaching psychology. Best practices in coaching at workplaces. This program is learner engaging and practical in nature. All course material is designed basis adult learning principals and psychology.

Lead Instructions: ICF Credentialed ACC, PCC or MCC Coach with  CTA Coaching Skills Trainer Certification.

Dates and Locations: This is an on-demand program for corporate and organizations willing to get their managers certified on coaching skills for their organization. Contact to invite us to bring this course to your organization.

Program Language: English.

Mode of Delivery: This course is offered as onsite classroom training followed by online sessions.

Intended participants: This course is highly beneficial for corporate managers who manage teams and are responsible for their performance.

Course Prerequisite: There is no pre-requisite for this course however we speak to organizations willing to conduct this program to confirm a fit with their organizational, teams and individual goals.

Policies on payment of tuition fees, withdrawals and refunds: The pricing of this program depends upon number of participants and the location where organization willing to have our trainers travel to deliver this course. Fees / payments are non-refundable.

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