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Certified Emotional Intelligence Coach

Emotional Intelligence Coaching Certification

It’s all about – being aware, being reflective, being purposeful.

Program Vision and Goals: Coach Transformation Academy’s intuitive Emotional Intelligence (EI) program is a learning experience designed to help you tune into your emotions with intelligence, creating an inside-out change in yourself and others. Get the opportunity to develop Emotional Intelligence (EI) with Coach Transformation Academy Emotional Intelligence coaching certification program while getting coached and utilize these skills in your own life. As a Certified Emotional Intelligence Coach, you help your client to remove emotional roadblocks like fear, procrastination, perfectionism, and Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO). Our program is a dynamic blend of Foundational and Relationship Skills of EI, its immediate applications, tools & micro-techniques, coupled with open, thought-provoking one to one sessions to help you create a map of your thinking and mindset. Participants learn to apply EI skills in their current profession, business, and coaching practice.

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Training Approach: The modules included in our Emotional Intelligence Coach Certification program gives you a practical framework to help you develop new, emotionally-intelligent practices over the program that lasts a lifetime while being coached. Our International Coaching Federation (ICF) certified coach will help you discover and explore emotional & social competencies that you can use on your clients for their development and yourself as a coach. Be more aware, mindful, present, and purposeful in your coaching practice with Coach Transformation Academy’s Emotional Intelligence Coach Certification program.

Participants will learn following during the Emotional Intelligence Coach Certification program –

  • What is EI
  • Understand what EI is not
  • Evolution and significance of EI
  • The Triune Brain & effectiveness of coaching
  • Thinking, feeling, doing triangle
  • OK Corral
  • OK Corral Coaching
  • EI Model
  • Coaching & Karpman Drama Triangle
  • Coaching Using KASH quadrant
  • The listening spectrum for EI coaching
  • Coaching Using Value Triangle
  • The EI COACH model
  • VALID goal setting for coaching
  • The Goal Flow Map
  • The PAUSE model for coaching
  • Administer the EQ Assessments

Program Duration: You can join our Emotional Intelligence coaching certification program as a 4-Day intensive classroom training. You can also join our online training program conducted as weekly classes (each of 150 minutes / 2 hours 30 minutes) for 12 weeks. You will also receive assignments, and non-instructor led engagements as a part of your practical coaching advancement phase.

Intended participants: Anyone who aspires to learn Emotional Intelligence skills to apply in the current profession or business can join our program. Professionals working in Sales, Marketing, Human Resources, and educators, training professionals, corporate managers, leaders, and coaches – who wish to create emotional self-awareness, develop or improve adaptability, bring organizational awareness, and inspire leadership can join our program.

Program Language: English

Course Prerequisite: There are no prerequisites to join our Emotional Intelligence Coach certification program. However, we will get in touch with you through calls or emails to understand your anticipation and requirements from our program.

Program Schedule: Here’s our Emotional Intelligence Coach certification program schedule to help you get started.

Contact us to learn more about our Emotional Intelligence Coach certification process and program.

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