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Leadership Coaching Focused on Coaching Skills for Leaders

Leadership Development Coaching Program

Coaching for Leadership development is becoming one of the most recognized method of developing top leader as a coach to lead their team. Today’s leaders face different challenges then ever faced by leaders of previous decades. As organizations are constantly evolving to the dynamic market innovations and globalization, leaders are failing with their old directive leadership style and accepting different styles in keeping up with the times and the changing needs. Many organizations have started to realize the fact that they need to educate their leaders to adopt new approach to their leadership style.

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Leaders need to effectively drive change, deliver results, create winning teams and keep them motivated. Leaders are not required to become coaches but by developing a “coaching leadership style” with Coach Transformation Academy leadership coaching certification program they can unleash potential in their organization. Leadership Development Coaching Program is a coaching training for transforming leadership style to get outstanding results for themselves and their organizations.

Coach Transformation Academy offers Leadership Development Coaching Program focusing on developing a leadership style that embraces coaching. This leadership coaching certification training program equips participants with the practical techniques, theoretical models and frameworks of effective coaching and prepares them to transform their personal leadership style to coaching as their leadership style. This leads to the discovery of practical ways to integrate coaching into their behavior and as a way of increasing the performance and engagement of their teams and organization.

What are the benefits of this program?

Leadership coaching certification program offers a unique leadership journey for deep learning and a sustainable behavioral change. Leaders develop a unique and authentic coaching leadership style in organizations which brings peak performance and motivation. Leadership coaching program is one of the best program for leaders who want to develop a new approach to leadership that will take their leadership skills to the next level:

  • Leaders get clarity and big picture of the coaching as a leadership style
  • Development of leaders as a motivator and inspiring leader
  • encourage peak performance
  • create strong working relationships with clients and stakeholders
  • lead the change and sustain with motivation

Program Details

Leadership development coaching program is 2 x 2 days workshop conducted with a gap of two months between each session. There will be 8 online one to one coaching sessions of 2 hours each with each leader participating in the program. This program facilitates extraordinary learning results though a blend of classroom experiential training, on the job application and one to one coaching sessions. Course includes pre and post training leadership style and influence assessment which proves the guaranteed ROI from this program.

General Program Vision and Goals:

This program is designed for leadership teams in organizations and aims to deepen the coaching skills by training learning leaders on advance coaching tools and techniques to develop their leadership style as coaches, support them to drive and manage change using coaching skills and support them to drive a coaching culture in their organization. Participants learn the highest level of coaching skills, deepen their knowledge of coaching with multiple tools and models to apply in various coaching needs.

List of Classes / Modules/ Parts:

There are 7 modules in this program. Participants will also undergo additional 10 hours of mentoring during these sessions which is separate from 7 modules, mentoring is done as 7 hours of group mentoring and 3 hours of individual mentoring.

Following 7 modules as part of the curriculum and they are categorized as foundational, intermediate and advance module. To see 11 modules of Level 1, click here.

Foundational Level Modules –

  • Coaching Core Competency for leaders

Intermediate Level Modules –

  • Coaching & Emotional Intelligence
  • Coaching &Change(Individual, teams and organizational change)
  • Coaching & Positive Psychology
  • Coaching & Appreciative Inquiry

Advance Level Modules –

  • Coaching & Neuro Science
  • Coaching as a leadership style
  • Coaching as culture in the organization
  • Coaching Lab
  • Final Performance Evaluation& Assessment

Number of hours of student contact time:

The program is designed for 65 hours of learning advance level coaching skills; 52 hours are face to face and must be completed in live training and 13 hours are for assignments and other non-instructor led learning engagements. The 10 hours mentor coaching is conducted as 7 hours of group mentoring in 2 sessions of 3.5 hours and 3 hours of individual mentoring.

Learning goals: 

The goal of this program is to ensure leaderbecome competent in coaching core competencies and learn coaching skills to effectively facilitate change with individuals, teams and organizations and make them competent to build coaching culture in their organizations.

Coaching philosophy:

Our coaching philosophy draws from transformational coaching psychology. Best practices in life coaching, executive coaching, career coaching and business coaching. Our program is learner engaging and practical in nature. All course material is designed basis adult learning principals and psychology.

Leadership Organizational Development

Lead Instructions: ICF Credentialed ACC, PCC or MCC Coach with  CTA Coaching Skills Trainer Certification.

Dates and Locations:This is an on-demand program for corporate and organizations willing to get their leaders certified on coaching skills for their organization. Contact to invite us to bring this course to your organization.

Program Language: English.

Mode of Delivery:This course is offered as onsite classroom training followed by online sessions.

Intended participants: This course is highly beneficial for corporate leadership teams who strategize and drive organizational vision, mission and goals.

Course Prerequisite:There is no pre-requisite for this course however we speak to organizations willing to conduct this program to confirm a fit with theirorganizational, teams and individual goals.

Policies on payment of tuition fees, withdrawals and refunds: The pricing of this program depends upon number of participants and the location where organization willing to have our trainers travel to deliver this course. Fees / payments are non-refundable.

To invite Coach Transformation Academy to conduct this program for the leaders of your organization or to inquire about the course fees, please fill in the contact form below and one of our course director will contact you soon. For any other course inquiries or to discuss how we can support your organizational learning and development needs, please email

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