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From Operations to Coaching A Journey of Rediscovery

For years, I relied on strong listening skills and emotional intelligence to help others, but I have yet to formally develop those talents. My career path took me into operations, a world away from coaching. However, after a decade, I realized it was time to pursue my passion and natural ability.

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Three years ago, I began leveraging my communication skills to help people excel in their jobs. Positive feedback fueled my desire to learn more, leading me to pursue and obtain a ‘Train the Trainer‘ certification, a comprehensive program that equipped me with the necessary skills to train and develop others. This allowed me to establish an academy within my company, providing comprehensive employee support throughout their journey. We even developed leadership programs, finally enabling me to utilize skills I’d previously only used personally.

Despite my natural ability, coaching requires proper training. That’s why I enrolled in the CPC fast-track program. My goals are to learn the fundamentals and ethics and connect with like-minded individuals.

Just two days in, I’m pleasantly surprised. The initial participant number worried me, but we maintained a constructive environment. I’m absorbing the theory and concepts, but the breakout exercises are where the magic happens. Connecting with others from diverse backgrounds – Asia, America, Europe – has been a powerful learning experience. Sharing life stories, struggles, and triumphs transcends what textbooks offer. It’s a testament to our collective resilience and adaptability.

One exercise involved identifying commonalities and differences. The sheer volume of shared experiences—personalities, backgrounds, challenges—was astounding. This fostered a sense of connection and engagement but also made identifying differences a challenge. Ultimately, “paths” emerged as the key distinction. While unique, they all seemed destined to converge in this program, uniting us in our shared purpose.

Despite the intense workload, the positive energy and group effort persevere. Personalities and skillsets complement each other. When questions arise, participants readily jump in, fostering a self-organizing, truly encouraging dynamic.

While familiar with some core content, rediscovering it within this context enhances my understanding and control. The immediate application through exercises cements the learning. The program’s structure inspires me to create a similar experience for our employees before expanding to external clients.

Virtual meetings and distance initially concerned me, but a positive attitude has minimized these challenges. My focus for the next week is maximizing absorption, followed by 500 hours of practice before ICF credentialing. This extensive practice is a requirement for ICF credentialing, a prestigious certification that demonstrates a coach’s competence and commitment to the profession. While building a complete program may be infeasible initially, I’ll begin integrating coaching principles into my daily work to support colleagues.

Earning both coaching and trainer certifications will equip me to provide comprehensive technical and emotional support—my ultimate goal. Observing others adept at this inspires me to become the same. I admire their problem-solving, positive attitude, and constant learning spirit. Before influencing others, I must embody these qualities myself.

Witnessing the group’s collective motivation to change themselves and the world is deeply inspiring. Despite busy schedules and families, no one quits negativity or gives up. We all exhibit honesty and resilience.

The program’s human element is as impactful as the technical aspects. While unexpected, it’s gratifying. Exhaustion is a reality, juggling family, work, training, and homework. Yet, I remain 100% grateful for this transformative experience, even if it means skipping a meal or two.

This newfound ability to access deeper energy reserves when depleted is a revelation. In my corporate experience, this only occurs when genuinely passionate. It’s a powerful sign that I’m on the right path, pursuing passion over comfort – the mistake I initially mentioned.

This combined experience will shape how I support those around me. I want to empower others to understand that ‘safe’ doesn’t always equate to ‘right ‘. In coaching, ‘safe’ often refers to the familiar and comfortable, while ‘right’ signifies the path that leads to growth and development. I believe that comfort can hinder growth. Stepping outside of your comfort zone can be scary but ultimately rewarding. While I can’t force this journey on others, I can certainly support them in taking that leap.

This certification will enhance my credibility and equip me with the proper tools for effective coaching. The course emphasizes trust-building as a cornerstone of successful coaching and highlights the potential consequences of improper practice.

With each passing hour, I better understand my purpose and future path. Every new realization surges confidence and motivation. Being here was the right decision, and I’m confident I’ll contribute positively to my company upon completion.

I’m immensely grateful for the time, energy, and collaborative spirit everyone is contributing to this incredible journey. CTA Team, your dedication and commitment are truly appreciated.


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