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From Stuck to WOW My Journey with the CTA SCPC Program

Remember that feeling of wanting to help others but not quite knowing how? Yeah, that was me. Then I embarked on this incredible coaching certification program with Coach Transformation, and let me tell you, it’s been a revelation!

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Sure, I thought I’d learn some fantastic coaching techniques. But what I discovered was a whole new level of me. The program became a deep dive into my own values, motivations, and the “why” behind everything I do. It was like waking up and realizing I had the power to create the life I truly desired – and that’s a powerful feeling to take into coaching others!

We all find ourselves at times, entangled in the monotony of daily life. However, this program was akin to a hidden treasure, equipping me with the tools to liberate myself and construct a coaching business with a purpose. Crafting my purpose statement and that impactful ‘elevator pitch’ was a challenge, but it compelled me to crystallize the unique value I bring to the table. And guess what? It even aided me in articulating the power of coaching to my boss!

One of the biggest “aha” moments? “When the being is resolved, the doing becomes even more powerful.” This means that when we, as coaches, are self-aware and grounded, our actions and techniques become even more effective. This blew my mind open. It’s not just about the techniques; it’s about being a coach who’s grounded and self-aware. That’s when the real magic happens.

The program drilled deep into the ethics and core principles of coaching. Learning to be that open, curious, and flexible guide for my clients has been a game-changer. It’s all about putting their needs first and creating a true partnership where they can explore their own possibilities. But the impact of the program wasn’t limited to my professional life. It also improved my communication skills, empathy, and understanding, which have positively influenced my personal relationships as well.

Here’s the most incredible part: during coaching conversations, we don’t just focus on the “what;” we delve into the “who.” By empowering clients to choose their direction, we unlock their potential to move forward confidently. It’s about asking powerful questions that shift their perspective and connect them to their deepest values.

Trust – that’s the golden thread of successful coaching. Building that trust with a client takes time, but the program equipped me with the skills to cultivate a safe space for exploration. And guess what? It’s okay if a client isn’t ready to jump in – respecting their boundaries is critical.

Remember how I mentioned feeling “stuck” at the beginning? Well, one of my biggest challenges was staying “objective” and avoiding getting tangled up in a client’s experience. The program showed me how to set healthy boundaries and become a masterful observer, guiding conversations without becoming part of the story. As a coach, my role is to observe, ask insightful questions, and guide the client towards their own solutions, without imposing my own views or experiences.

Here’s the beauty of it: we’re all on a journey of self-improvement, myself included. Yet, coaching has illuminated the fact that even the smallest breakthroughs can lead to monumental transformations. Assisting clients in uncovering their ‘why’ as they confront challenges like health, relationships, or time management is profoundly fulfilling. Witnessing their self-assurance soar as they conquer their goals – that’s a testament to the transformative power of coaching!

Speaking of breakthroughs, have you ever tried journaling or simply talking things out? It turns out that expressing yourself freely in a safe space can be incredibly powerful. The program opened my eyes to the power of getting those emotions and thoughts out, whether it’s through coaching conversations, journaling, or even just speaking aloud. Journaling can help you reflect on your experiences and gain clarity, while talking things out can provide immediate feedback and insights. Sometimes, meditation can be helpful, but for some clients, speaking or writing is a faster path to clarity.

This journey has definitely stretched me! I’ve learned the importance of patience, allowing clients the space to fully express themselves before gently guiding them back to their core challenge. It’s about active listening and asking those insightful questions that spark true transformation. I also faced challenges in setting healthy boundaries, staying objective, and managing my own emotions during coaching sessions. But these challenges have been instrumental in my growth as a coach.

The best part? This is just the beginning! Every day, as a coach, I’m constantly evolving. The more I practice, the deeper my understanding becomes and the more impactful my coaching becomes. I’m always learning new techniques, refining my skills, and expanding my knowledge to better serve my clients.

Feeling stuck? Ready to unleash your potential and empower others? Coaching is all about helping individuals tap into their strengths, overcome their challenges, and achieve their goals. It’s about guiding them towards self-discovery, self-improvement, and ultimately, self-empowerment. There’s a whole world of coaching out there waiting for you!

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