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ICF Level 2 Course

Overview: What’s Level 2 Path?

The ICF level 2 path is the coach certification path to obtain the PCC (Professional Certified Coach) credential from the ICF (International Coaching Federation). This path lets you complete the prerequisites to apply to the ICF for ACC or PCC credentialing. 

What to expect from this course

Our level 2 course is called the Senior Certified Professional Coach (SCPC), which is accredited and approved by the ICF. This coach training program (ICF ACTP/ Level 2 Path) is a rigorous program designed for those aiming for a PCC (Professional Certified Coach) credential by ICF. Our SCPC is an advanced course built upon the foundations of Level 1 (Certified Professional Coach Course) and delves deeper into the art and science of coaching. A comprehensive program lasting for around 3–6 months allows participants to truly master their coaching skills and fulfill the ICF Level 2 certification requirements for coach training hours and mentoring. This is our most-selling coach training program and the best ICF Accredited coaching program online. 

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Our Senior Certified Professional Coach course is approved by the ICF for 125 hours of coaching training, including 10 hours of mentor coaching. Upon completing this course, you also become eligible to earn the EMCC Practitioner certificate and SHRM PDCs for recertification. As this certification course is aligned with the ICF PCC credentialing process, individuals who have previously fulfilled 60 coach-specific hours in ICF Level 1 training or possess the ICF ACC credential are only required to complete an additional 65 hours of this coaching program. Our Level 2 Coach Certification Course also includes a performance evaluation that tests your coaching abilities learned during the program. This means that students enrolled in this level 2 coaching certificate will complete a final performance evaluation as part of the curriculum, and they do not need to perform this test again with ICF for the ICF PCC Credential. 


There is no specific eligibility requirement for enrolling in the Level 2 coaching training course at Coach Transformation. Our SCPC Level 2 training course is inclusive of two levels in one. The best part of this Level 2 course is that we blend in advanced NLP techniques into the curriculum. To sum-up, it caters to individuals dedicated to enhancing their coaching careers and excelling in PCC-level coaching. 


Upon completion of our SCPC training program, your coaching abilities will reach a higher professional and business level. This ICF Level 2 course enables you to coach your clients effectively. Graduates of our PCC credential program are better equipped to coach a diverse range of clients, including executives and individuals seeking personal growth.

Some Learning Points in This Level 2 Coaching Course: 

  • Deep understanding of ICF Core Competencies and Code of Ethics
  • Proficiency in advanced coaching techniques
  • Expertise in working with complex client scenarios
  • Ability to bring about transformational change
  • Deep understanding of Advanced NLP Techniques 

After completing this coach training program, you will meet the coaching training and mentoring requirements for obtaining the ICF PCC (Level 2) credential.

How will PCC credentials benefit you?

Since the PCC training course is an advanced training course, earning the Professional Certified Coach (PCC) credential through this training is a significant milestone for coaching professionals and opens doors to a world of opportunities and benefits. Achieving the PCC credential can lead to increased career opportunities. Many organizations and clients prefer to work with certified coaches, valuing their demonstrated skills and adherence to industry standards. The PCC credential is a testament to a coach’s dedication, expertise, and potential for transformative coaching, making it a highly valuable asset in the coaching industry.

Additionally, we also provide a business coaching tool after you complete our SCPC course, which will help you set up your own business as a coach. Would you like to learn more benefits of this level 2 coach training program? Book an appointment with our Program Expert here to get started.

What are the requirements for the Level 2 pathway?

There are five basic requirements set by the ICF to get a PCC Credential through the level 2 pathway: 

  1. 125 hours of coaching education
  2. 500 hours of coaching experience
  3. Mentor Coaching 
  4. Passing Performance Evaluation
  5. Passing the ICF Examination 

On completing our SCPC, you fulfill the coaching education, mentor coaching, and performance evaluation requirements. 

Why Coach Transformation? 

Coach Transformation has been an industry expert for more than a decade and is a renowned coach training provider led by Dr. Haris Syed. Our SCPC (Level 2) coaching program (ICF ACTP pathway) is accredited by the ICF and is a pathway to the Professional Certified Coach (PCC) credential. The best part of our coach training programs is that they are offered in two formats, where students get options to choose from in-person and online formats according to their preference and course availability. Coaches and aspiring coaches of any age, location, and profession can join our SCPC training program to hone their coaching and leadership skills. 

We take pride in saying that our Level 2 coaching programs stand out as the best-accredited ICF training globally. We have earned certifications from esteemed organizations, including the ICF (International Coaching Federation), EMCC (European Mentoring and Coaching Council), and SHRM (Society for Human Resource Management) (recertification). This signifies that participants completing any of our coach training programs will be eligible for four internationally recognized certifications, including our own.

Note: For those with extremely busy work schedules who would want to finish the entire course online, the course is also accessible in fast-track in-person mode.

How to Enroll Yourself for the Program?

Enrolling in the Level 2 Coach Training Program for PCC Coaching Credentials at Coach Transformation is a streamlined process designed for your convenience. The first step is to fill out our Course Registration Form, connect with our Program Expert, and complete payment.

Joining our Level 2 training program means stepping into a world of transformative learning, gaining the coveted PCC credential, and beginning a journey of learning skills from the best ICF Level 2 training courses. Invest in your coaching journey today with Coach Transformation!

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