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ACTP | ICF Accredited Coach Training Program | ICF PCC Certificate Course

ACTP Coach Training Program

ICF ACTP: Overview

ICF ACTP or International Coach Federation Accredited Coach Training Program is an all-inclusive and fully approved accredited coaching certification training program. CTA provides Senior Certified Professional Coach (SCPC) training program under the ICF-ACTP pathway. Participants who complete our professional coach certification program under ACTP means they complete ICF certification requirements of coach training hours and mentoring. You do not need to complete different credentialing requirements with multiple coach training institutes or mentor if you train under ICF-ACTP. ICF-ACTP also includes performance evaluation. As part of the ICF-ACTP, participants will undergo the final performance evaluation with Coach Transformation Academy. The final performance evaluation of ACTP is screened by ICF and approved for Coach Transformation Academy. Therefore, Coach Transformation Academy evaluates the participants’ final performance or aspiring coaches enrolled for the CTA SCPC program and are certified as Senior Certified Professional Coach.

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What is ACTP pathway?

For ICF, ACTP stands for Accredited Coach Training Program. ACTP is a pathway that is followed by ICF approved coach training institutes to conduct programs under the accredited. If any coach training institute is an ACTP approved, it can conduct coach training for all the three levels of ICF Credential – ACC (Associate Certified Coach), PCC (Professional Certified Coach) and MCC (Master Certified Coach). However, if any coach training provider is an ACSTH (Approved Coach Specific Training Hours) approved, it can only conduct ACC level coach training.

Which is better? ACTP or ACSTH?

Well, when it comes to start your coaching career, you must have a clear goal and vision behind learning coaching. If you are an aspiring professional coach and want to start your career in coaching from ACC level to PCC or MCC level, you must keep it in mind that with which coach training institute you want to complete your coaching journey. If you are undergoing ACC with an ACSTH approved institute, you cannot continue learning with the same institute, in order to take your coaching learning to next level, you have to find another ACTP approved institute to continue your coaching learning to advanced level.

So, is ACTP better to go with?

Yes, if you are an aspiring professional coach and want to learn coaching at a professional level or want to start your career in coaching, ACTP is the right pathway to choose to go with. ICF accredited coach training program will also help you to start your career quickly than an Approved Coach Specific Training Hours (ACSTH) pathway. Your final performance evaluator will be your coach training institute itself, you don’t have to attempt the final test conducted by ICF but conducted by your training provider.

ACTP Coach Training Online

If you wish to undergo an ICF ACTP program but you are not able to attend the classroom training due to your professional commitments, you can also choose to complete the entire ICF ACTP Coach Training Online. Coach Transformation Academy makes it flexible when it comes to learning and becoming a coach, you don’t have to push yourself hard to make yourself available to attend the classroom training in order to become a certified and professional coach. To attend our ICF ACTP coach training online, you need to meet following requirements –

  • Should have a working internet connection
  • Should know basics of internet
  • Should be able to attend weekly online class

Would you like to know about online coach training programs? click here

What are the requirements for ACTP pathway?

PCC (Professional Coach Certification)

  1. Complete 125 hours of coach training.
  2. Complete minimum 10 hours of mentor coaching.
  3. Acquire 500 hours of coaching experience.
  4. Qualify final performance evaluation.

As an ACTP Accredited Coach Training program approved coach training institute, Coach Transformation Academy fulfills all of the ICF’s training requirements and supports you through the entire ICF credentialing application process through ACTP pathway.

What are the Advantages of ACTP Pathway?

There are many advantages of ACTP Pathway however to mention, here are few of many:-

  • Getting a certification is easier – Achieving a certificate from ICF is easier with ACTP program than an ACSTH program. With ACTP you get your ICF credentials from your training provider however in ACSTH it takes estimated 14 weeks to get credentials from ICF…
  • Taking your coaching skills to next level – You can continue your coaching journey from PCC to MCC (Master Certified Coach) within the same coaching institutes depending on their available master level courses.

There are a lot more advantages of the ACTP program. Would you like to explore more advantages of the ACTP program? Please click here. As a leading organization in the business, we are always happy to help you understand more about it and answer all your queries. So, getting in touch with our team professional will help you more than reading it online.

Why should you join ACTP program?

  • Internationally recognized
  • All inclusive courses from training to final evaluation.
  • Flexibility to apply for ACC or PCC, depending upon coaching experience.
  • Cost effective

How to Enroll Yourself for the Program?

Please click here to contact us if you have more questions about it or click here to fill the registration form online.

Why should you join ACTP program?

  • Internationally recognized
  • All inclusive course from training to final evaluation.
  • Flexibility to apply for ACC or PCC, depending upon coaching experience.
  • Cost effective

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