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Completed Coach Training: What Next

Organizations worldwide are relentlessly looking for ways to maximize their productivity. The focus is on transforming the workplace into a space that inspires and motivates. Over the last few decades, one way in which companies have once and again reoriented their workforce and maximized their potential has been through trained coaches. Equipped with methods to bring out the best, professional coaches have been one of the top investments made by leading companies. The fact that there are 33,287 ICF-certified coaches all around the world speaks volumes. Despite the growing popularity and reliance placed on coaches worldwide, one question keeps popping up: do coaching careers have a lot of scopes? People thinking about pursuing coach training often question a coach’s employability in the industry. The concern is natural, and thus, here is a brief guide highlighting all job opportunities that will come your way once you are a certified coach.  

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Why should you think about a career as a coach?

Before diving into what awaits after coach training, you should consider why coaching is an amazing career choice. If you understand the responsibilities you will execute as a coach, it will be easier to find your passion and excel in your training. Building a career would become a lot easier. Coaching careers have a lot of positive appeals:

  • You become intimately connected with a diverse body of people, helping them find their purpose, calling and potential.
  • Your work allows you to be creative and dynamic.
  • You become the string holding together teams and communities, uniting all under one vision and shared goals.

What are your career options as a certified coach?

Now that you know how gratifying coaching careers areit is time to introduce you to the job opportunities for a certified coach. Once you complete your training, your certification will help you establish yourself as one of the following:

  • Self-Employed or Independent Coach:You can build your client base solely using your excellent skills and training. You can network with top companies and organizations, offering them your stellar service. Because of the flexibility of this job, being an independent coach is a good option if you are yet to take up coaching full-time and are just transitioning to the profession.
  • Coach in a Corporate Setting:Usually referred to as internal coaches, this job profile entails working as a full-time employee of a corporate organization and training the corporate workforce. This is much more stable than being self-employed with a clearly defined job description and objectives to achieve.
  • Coach in executive, managerial, or leadership positions:Companies invest a lot of money in individuals in positions of authority to undergo coach training. If you are one such professional, you can take on an additional role as a coach while executing your primary responsibility.
  • Consultant Coach:You can associate yourself with an agency or a consultancy as a freelance service provider and utilize your training fruitfully.
  • Coach in a coach and team training institution: As more training organizations are established, you can apply to them and work with an institution. With the proper certification, you will be able to train other aspiring coaches.

As you can see, the possibilities are promising. Coaching careers are viable and gratifying. If you are determined to go all the way, there will be nothing as rewarding as your training as a coach.

How to ensure viable job opportunities as a trained coach?

You need to be accredited as a coach to work as a professional coach. Coach Transformation Academy can help you out in your journey. Building coaching careers of 1000+ coaches, Coach Transformation offers you the opportunity to get trained and certified as a Senior Professional Coach, Emotional Intelligence Coach, NLP Practitioner Coach, and Master Coach, among other accreditations. Coach Transformation also provides mentorship for accomplishing the ICF credential, an international coach certification that opens numerous opportunities for you. Check out our website and enroll in a course today.

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