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What I learned about coaching

We have started our journey learning about what coaching is and how it is different from mentoring, counseling, and training. Coaching is the partnership between the coach and the coachee. It is a forward-thinking process focusing more o the future. Both of them are equal. The role of the coach is to walk the coachee through the process through an innovative process. It is helping the coachee finding the answers to his or her questions and challenges. Mentoring requires subject matter expertise as the mentee is expecting the mentor to tell and advise. Counseling, it is more about the past. Talking and learning from past experiences. Training is a very structured knowledge transfer mechanism where the trainer’s role is to explain the content for the learners and ensure understanding and learning outcomes.

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I have learned as well some of the ground roles around coaching. It is very critical to create a psychologically safe space between the coach and the coachee. This is important to help the coachee to open up as the coaching session may touch some of the dark sides for the person. Trust is a huge element during the coaching relationship that needs to happen. Without trust, the relationship cannot be built. So the coach has to establish this trusting relation. Another important element is to keep a sense of pride and dignity. The coach’s role is not to judge the coachee. The coach’s purpose is to help the coachee to navigate through the process. The coach may get exposed to coachee personal life or real challenges or things the coachee is ashamed of doing, so no judgment at all.

Speaking of the coaching process, the coach has to pay a lot of attention in the first discovery session. This is where the coach will be assessing the coachability of the coachee. The importance of assessing this is to ensure the effectiveness of the coaching. If the coachee is not coachable, no matter how great the coach is, not much progress will happen. During the discovery session, it is recommended to talk a bit about what coaching is and what is not coaching, so this will help to set the expectations between both parties. The coach may decide during this first session, not to continue the relationship. This could be due to our different reasons, such as the coachee being non-coachable. If the coachee needs coaching in something again, the coach value or the coachee issue is beyond coaching. It requires other interventions.

A coach’s role is to ensure walking the coachee through the different coaching stages to reach out to the selected outcome. It is important to start with making the coachee aware of what exactly his or her issue is. The coachee normally comes with unclarity, so a great coach is there to bring this clarity. The coach has to help the coachee come up with his options and develop his or her action plan.

As coaching is about getting better, so no wonder, progress, and accountability are key competencies. The coach should ensure holding the client accountable for results and taking actions on the agreed action plan.

I also learned about the different coaching certification and the requirements for each one in terms of learning and applied coaching hours.

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      BE | MBA | EdM | SCPC | IND: +91 9930220786; USA: +1 (978) 822-0786
      • Proven team builder and certified business coach, with powerful interpersonal and communication skills, dedicated
      to fostering a working environment that encourages creativity, collaboration and enhances team performance
      • An operations and strategy expert having 14 years of cross-cultural & cross-functional experience with companies
      like Accenture, Audi, Google, Microsoft, non-profits, and education startups
      • Result-driven leader focused on meeting core business KPIs including revenue generation, customer satisfaction,
      customer and employee retention, cost-saving, program development, and quality control
      • Hands-on manager, with a successful track record in building & executing strategies, operations & finance
      management, spearheading technology projects, process reengineering, and analytics
      • An aptitude for addressing & cultivating diversity-worked in 8 countries, 5 industries, and 6 business functions
      Core Competencies: Operations Management, Life and Business Coaching, Strategy Design, Team Building, Process
      Optimisation, Technology Transformation, Business Intelligence & Analytics, Customer Satisfaction & Retention

      Work Experience

      Vice President(Core Programs) Medha Learning Foundation, Lucknow India (2022-Present)
      • Spearheading a team of 120 to train 6000 students annually while identifying learning & development needs for the
      team at various levels of the program team and Acquiring talent & motivating the field team
      • Creating and execute strategy for reaching target impact without compromising on the quality of the program
      • Establishing strong mentoring, coaching and monitoring to ensure mission-aligned execution that is timely, on￾budget and standardising documentation and reporting at all the levels – area, cluster, and head-office
      • Driving data culture within the operations team by focusing on data-driven reviews
      • Monitoring the implementation of core programs across the clusters and problem solving
      Management Consultant (Programs) Multi-client (YearUp, LMI, Whittle), USA (2016 – 2021)
      • Managed multiyear, multimillion-dollar projects focused on Customer Relationship Management(CRM), business
      intelligence, infrastructure, and monitoring to support 225 employees and more than 40K customers
      • Launched pilot programs and managed finance & personnel for projects worth $20M based on business &
      curriculum, pedagogy, technology strategy, investments plans; and achieved savings of 18% on the overall budget
      • Managed communications with more than 1500 students, 2800 parents at 4 global campuses and consolidated data
      • Achieved 82% project delivery success and 99% Service Level Agreement (SLA) adherence
      • Trained end customers, sales, operations, finance, HR, leadership, business analytics teams on product and processes
      • Created an organisation-wide training program and community of practice for Business Analysis and Project
      Management to deliver a robust and standardised language and tools, reduced project redundancy by 30%
      • Mapped business processes exhaustively and visualised bottlenecks in student recruitment cycle; reduced marketing
      budget by 35% and Increased market penetration (student–click to enrol) by 50 % for YearUp
      • Developed a technology improvement strategy aligned with Lantheus’ growth strategy – achieved 3M USD annual
      savings and growth of business by 5% annual increase in revenues
      Business Head (Operations and Strategy) Audi, Gurgaon IND(2015 –2016)
      • Led India’s biggest Audi after-sales unit, increased after-sales throughputs by 50%, customer retention by 20%,
      revenues by 40%, and reduced repeat repairs by 22% to achieve 3-fold growth in profitability
      • Achieved highest levels of customer service, improved satisfaction scores from 65% to 84% within 6 months
      • Controlled company-wide quality compliance, managing multi-layered stakeholders (Audi India, Audi Germany,
      Volkswagen India, Volkswagen finance, and Volkswagen Germany), and achieved 95% audit scores year on year
      • Created an exhaustive 253 step process map of the entire business, recommended & implemented process gaps
      mitigation project (ONCORE) to achieve a 20M increase in new revenue & 35% increase in brand retention
      • Built 5-year business strategy based on market analysis and customer & business data analysis; projected potential
      4x growth by cross-pollination and predictive customer mapping and highlighted potential risks
      • Conducted recruitment drives, designed KPIs and induction plans, delivered orientation/training sessions
      • Proposed and Led technology transformation projects - CRM, Reporting, Inventory & digitisation (Qlikview, SFDC,
      Docuvity, Etc.) Microsoft Office 365, and other SaaS solutions like AXELA and real-time monitoring tools
      • Spearheaded Salesforce & ERP sales & service teams, acted as the primary point of contact for vendor-user support
      Management Consultant(Business Development & Operations) Amslink Edu. Hanoi VN (2012–2013)
      • Managed life cycle of 11 projects focused on operations improvement and cross-functional communication
      • Research & development of 2 new categories of products, created price advantage (20% less) to penetrate the
      market and achieved 100% Increased revenues in first 6 months and increase in customer base by 20%
      • Critically evaluated complex information gathered from multiple market sources to design and implement effective
      solutions by using ERP technology platforms and automation tools
      • Created project documents (Business Case, Functional/Non-Functional Requirements, User Stories/Use Cases, etc.)
      • Initiated, customised, and deployed Moodle (Educational ERP) based on business and stakeholder needs analysis
      Duty Manager (People Supply Chain) Converges-Microsoft, Gurgaon India (2010–2011)
      • Managed resources and resolved resource constraints, real-time system data analysis (120 engineers)
      • Project coordinator and single point of contact for all stakeholders, designed & delivered 3 stage-training programs
      for project’s new employees, implemented effective frontline re-structuring to save 1800 man-hours per month
      • Gathered and analysed customer feedback, developed & implemented customer satisfaction improvement action
      plan to reduce customer escalations by 30% and achieve 100% SLAs with Microsoft
      • Assisted Team Manager for Technology Service Operations and Supply Chain. Gather and write product
      requirements, conceived systems architecture, product design, develop roadmap & support strategy MS windows
      • Designed and delivered training and development programs based on the needs of project and frontline engineers
      Software Engineer Accenture, India/USA (2008–2010)
      • Performed black-box testing & user acceptance testing, supported all stages of the software-development life cycle
      (SDLC), reduced errors in the code by 40% worked on technology/frameworks like – Struts-Portal, MVC, and SQL
      • Collaborate with cross functional teams (business owners, developers, QA, client facing groups, etc.) to manage the
      entire project lifecycle and proactively supported system improvements by analysing customer feedbacks
      • Developed web applications for Nokia and AT&T; achieved 100% delivery on end-user experience requirements

      Other Projects

      Co-founder Education India Initiative – Harvard (2019 – 2020)
      • Launched the student organisation to leverage the skills of all students of Indian origin studying at different schools
      of Harvard University. Build a resource-sharing community, invite industry experts, and placement organisations
      • Helped a budget private school (800 Students) – ‘Ayesha Ali Academy’ (Kashmir) by providing pro-bono
      consultation on technology infrastructure, curriculum development and teacher training
      • Led India trek of 20 Harvard students organised meeting with 15 political, social, and educational leaders in 5 cities
      Consultant Intern (Vendor Operations) Google, Ireland (2012 – 2012)
      • Analysed statistical data from 3 vendors & 5 competitors, proposed process re-engineering solutions focused on
      automation & centralisation of vendor operations and implemented these recommendations to save 1250 man-hours
      • Performed escalations analysis to understand the types of escalations and found solutions to reduce escalations
      Co-Founder (Fundraising, Team Management, and Public Awareness) Yukti, India (2007 –2010)
      • Managed accounting, financial review, and revenues for non-profits and led fundraising campaigns – generated
      more than INR 3 million and achieved 80% school enrolment for street children
      • Scaled the team of volunteers from 3 to 45 and provided leadership training to staff and board members


      Coach Transformation Academy (ICF Rg.) Sr. Certified Coach (Life & Business) 2020-2021
      Harvard Graduate School of Education, USA Ed.M. (HPL-How People Learn) 2019-2020
      Harvard Extension School, USA Sustainability Leadership 2017-2017
      Smurfit Business School, Ireland MBA (International Business) 2011-2012
      ITM, India BE (Computer Science) 2004-2008

      Technology & Certifications

      Software/ERPs: Salesforce, Microsoft DMS, SAP, WebXL, COTs, AXELA,
      Modeling Tools: MS Visio, Enterprise Architect, iThoughts (Mind-mapping), Prezi
      Office and other tools: MS Office Suite, MS-Project, SAS, Excel Analysis, Office365
      Certifications: Sr. Certified Coach (CTA-ICF), MIT Certified Application Developer,
      Certified Business Analyst AMCAT, International Institute of Business
      Analysis (IIBA) member, Teaching Higher Education in 21st century,
      TEFL(Teaching English as a Foreign Language)
      Sanjul Ashok Bhakri

      A fun, dynamic and creative professional with over 20 years of work experience across several industries and types of organizations. I hold a bachelor’s degree in commerce and business administration from Delhi University and an MBA from IMT Ghaziabad. I have worked at senior positions in NIIT, Dabur, British High Commission, Scottish Government and Swiss Government. My career spans several different areas of HR, sales & marketing, consulting, business development and communications in well-known organizations.

      I am a full-time entrepreneur, and my company is one of the pioneers in India that offers visual communications strategy and design, specifically for internal communications in large multinationals like JCB, Coke, Pernod Ricard, R1 etc. with a special focus on employee experience.

      I am also a certified SCPC coach from Coach Transformation Academy and in the process of getting certified as an ICF accredited ACC coach. I work with several leaders and executives on leadership behaviors, communication, business models, and innovation coaching.

      Cyril has constantly worked in leadership roles, and has developed a fulfilling career as a Business Head, Coach, Musician, Mentor and Facilitator. He has a long history of passion towards every project that he has worked on. Working with people empowers and encourages him to take the leap forward in the direction of personal, professional and spiritual growth.

      Cyril is a certified Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) Master Practitioner, and also a certified Coach Practitioner by European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC). He is a Certified Professional Coach (CPC) from Coach Transformation Academy. Through intensive training, he has come to understand that change is not only constant, but also transformational, when one learns how to apply the right perspective.

      As a coach, Cyril provides a safe space for his clients, to discover their highest potential through non-judgemental dialogue and creative practices. He empowers his clients to come up with action steps that suit their own individual personality, lifestyle, environment and values. He sets accountability measures to help his clients accomplish their goals, realise their dreams, and he celebrates every milestone that his clients achieve as a personal victory.

      Cyril has worked with over 700 individuals and 50 groups over a span of 9 years, as an NLP Coach and a Music Mentor.

      As a Musician, he heads the Guitar Department at Bengaluru's finest music school 'Octavium Music Academy', mentoring musicians and music students, and curating some of the finest live events in the city.

      Cyril is a poet and loves engaging in dialogue with people who share passion for creative projects, travel, lifestyle and music

      Senior Certified Professional Coach & Communications Consultant, Personal Transformation Coaching, Personal Brand Development, Interpersonal Communications Solutions

      Anjali offers personalized support at two levels. As a Senior Certified Professional Coach, she partners with you to release the emotional and mental blocks that make you the first person standing in your own way. Her approach is an adaptation of the GROW model with greater emphasis on positive psychology. This resonates with the biggest lesson of her own growth experience: a person open to change is resourceful enough to exert power over their own life, choices and wellbeing.

      As a Communications Consultant, Anjali works with you to develop your Personal Brand and interpersonal communication skills – to help unlock your highest potential. She also designs and delivers tailormade communication solutions, which includes strategic planning, content development, editing, communication channel management, social media orientation, and any other activations that fast-track your ambitions.

      Through it all, she is a cheerleader who partners on your journey to both self-discovery and self-actualization. Be it as an accountability partner, a sounding board or simply someone who witnesses and believes in your potential - and keeps that top of your mind.

      Anjali has invested 10+ years in advising senior management and Heads of Businesses on strategic communications - and building their engagement and profile - within global, complex and multicultural organizations. Before embarking on her dream, she was Director of Marketing and Communications at the Anglo-Gulf Trade Bank, and prior to that she led multi-jurisdictional Internal Communications at Barclays Plc. All in all, she has 18+ years of deploying communications, marketing and event management in the UK, Monaco, Switzerland, Middle East & North Africa and India across well-known brands including Mars, Pfizer and more.

      Her personal mantra: “Physically, we can only engage one thought, one action and one person at a time. I can deal with ‘one’ and I can do it well enough.”

      Life & Executive Coach

      I’m an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) Credential-holder from ICF (International Coaching Federation) – the gold standard in professional life and executive coaching. A Human Resources professional holding qualification of MBA and MA from Renowned Universities of the United Kingdom.

      As a Certified Life and Executive Coach, I’ll support you to be the person and professional who you always wanted to be. With over 250 hours of coaching and over 25 years of experience in People Management. I support individuals to connect with their conscious selves and bring a deep awareness in their Life/Career and Relations, equipping them to create the life, impact and income they desire via my coaching enterprise Life Connect. Everyone is unique, and so are you. Gain the confidence you need and live a self-fulfilling life.

      Executive coaching to team leaders and managers: Improve individual's efficiencies in teams
      Pro Bono coaching: Front line Covid workers in healthcare
      Interview coaching for university graduates: Succeeding in interviews for jobs and internships
      Life coaching: Club members to achieve their personal and health goals

      Fine Prints

      I work with clients to build their professional confidence and help them
      truly thrive in all aspects of their life including career, business,
      leadership and relations. I work with men and women throughout all
      stages of their careers.
      I work with clients mostly in UAE/MENA/INDIA and some International
      locations and do a fair amount of travel for this work. I also happily work
      virtually over zoom/telephone when needed. I am based in Downtown
      Dubai, UAE.

      Coaching Language: English
      Communication Languages: English, Hindi, Marathi, Punjabi

      I am a pharmacist, worked for more than 12 years in pharmaceutical companies with a wide experience in sales, interest in Marketing and a special Passion in Coaching, I consider it a talent to empower people to achieve whatever they aim for and always believe that if there is a positive attitude packed by will, you can go anywhere you would like


      • Professional Powerful Presentation Skills
      • Leadership Skills
      • Training Skills
      • Communication Skills
      • Negotiation Skills
      • Emotional Intelligence
      • Consumer behavior analysis
      • Accounting Special Skills


      • Arabic: Mother tongue.
      • English: very Fluent.
      • Education
        Certified Professional Coach-CTA Feb 2022
      • Digital Marketing Channels-Chartered Institute of Marketing May 2021
      • Mini MBA -Warnoborough UK Apr 2016
      • Powerful presentation skills Apr 2013
      • Achievement certificate in Sales & Marketing- American University– Cairo Dec 2010
      • Business Communication, Consumer Behavior, Integrated Marketing Communication, Principles of Marketing, Marketing Research, Professional Selling Skills and Business Economics.
      • Emotional Intelligence & Interpersonal skills, AB Associates - Cairo Nov 2010
      • Negotiation Skills, American Chamber - Cairo Aug 2010
      • Value Based Selling Skills May 2009
      • Effective Selling Skills Mar 2008
      • Bachelor’s degree- Faculty of pharmacy Cairo University - Egypt Oct 2006

      Interests & Hobbies

      • Swimming.
      • Working out by any means.
      • Reading specially psychology, Marketing and Health books.
      • Writing quotes.
      • Music listening.
      • Learning by every mean.
      • Active Listening.

      Mr. Stalin Sunny
      Chief Executive Officer
      Sunsta International
      Senior Certified Professional Coach
      Coach Transformation Academy - Dubai
      Qualified with Master’s Degree in Marketing Management (MMM) from Welingkar Institute Mumbai, along with MDP, “Advance Programme in Strategy for Leaders” from IIM Lucknow (Indian Institute of Management), also Senior Certified Professional Coach from Coach Transformation Academy - Dubai, presently serving with Sunsta International a Business Consulting Firm, as Chief Executive Officer, having 20+ years of diverse exposure to Sales, Marketing, Business Development, Profit and Loss Management & Operations in the luxury real estate segment, with Developers Like Lodha Group, Hiranandani Group, Ahuja Group, Indian Express Group and worked in different domains of Sales, Operations and Customer service for telecom, Vodafone Mumbai. During the last stint with Vodafone was managing key banking and financial clients with excellent CXO relations, like HDFC Group, SBI Group, IDFC Group, LIC of India, Fullerton India etc. Stalin Sunny not only delivered excellent results at new product launches, but also spring-board sales growth with diversification strategies for projects where results were very slow at sustenance stages. He is excellent at Planning and Executing New Business Opportunities, Product Development, Positioning, Brand Building, Marketing, Sales (Channel Sales, Digital, Events/ Exhibitions etc), Corporate Communication, and Customer Relations. Helped Vendors like Hinduja TMT and Andromeda Pvt Ltd seƫ ng up outsourced operational call centre for Vodafone, manage SLA and Expansions. Being an asset to the Organisation, Ahuja Group had invested in Stalin Sunny and sponsored a Special Workshop on “Negotiation Skills in Business” by Prof Deepak Malhotra from the Harvard Business School, specializing in Negotiation and Conflict Management. Stalin Sunny with experience and by updating himself with various Books, Trainings and Workshops, mastered on Leadership styles, People Management skills and performance enhancement, by renowned Trainers like Ms Priya Kumar, Mr. Prakash Rohera, Franklin Covey Training & Consulting LLP etc. He is also a certified Trainer, “Train the Trainer” programmed by Dale Carnegie. With his innate business acumen and vast experience, he can bring about precise impetus in pivoting strategy to harness guaranteed result for an organization at a crucial stage when the key call needs to be taken. On the Social front, Stalin Sunny is a part of Rotary Club, while serving as President of the Rotary Club of Chennai Upscale, Rotary International, under his leadership the clubs has adopted 3 government schools of backward communities and a Destitute Girl child home, to ensure hygiene, nourishment and education quality is best maintained, They have conducted many vocational and community service activities at villages and “Slum Clearance Board” houses, also installed and donated 100+ toilets at villages with the help of funds raised through CSR. He is also a member of Freemason, and continues to do many social service activities through Freemasonries. Loves travelling, feels happy to connect with people and society; he consistently looks for avenues to contribute towards nation’s transformation and growth.

      Hi, I'm Ritu

      "You've always had the power my dear, you just had to learn it for yourself." - The Wizard of Oz

      My role as a coach is to accompany and guide people through the often-uncertain process of change and transformation. Exploring your ways to find the right star and direction for yourself , empowering yourself and discovering the new Vibrant You !!

      A transformational approach involves a shift in focus to a way being that honors who you are at your core and creates space to grow into who you're meant to become. This deep level of change that happens on the inside often leads to a shift in your outer world of health, relationships, and sense of purpose.

      It is ultimately a journey of coming home to yourself.

      Ajeet Singh is an International Coach Federation ICF Credentialed Coach with 21 years rich experience in corporate world. He offers coaching in life, professional development, career and leadership space and has coached 120+ people around the globe.

      Ajeet has served people and led projects, working internationally with diverse, multinational, virtual, teams, in highly dynamic and challenging environment. In doing so he has acquired significant experience in leadership, management, change management, organisational agility, process optimization, project management, delivery excellence, governance and other business arears.
      Ajeet has worked at client locations in Europe, Australia and America. Some assignments include:

      • Coached leadership as part of transformation programme to help them increase their awareness
        and change the mindset to nourish the organizational agility.
      • Coached middle management to effectively serve the teams aligning to organizational key results
        and agility. Used maturity assessment for a guided coaching.
      • Coached teams on the ground, enabling them leverage the technology and cross functional aspect
        of the team for an effective delivery. Worked for US, UK and Australian financial institutions. At time
        coached 150+ team in agile aet-up enabling them for an accelerated value delivery.
      • Involved in Facilitations, Conflict Management, Seminars and Trainings for several clients across the
        globe including top banks and financial institution.
      • Participated in consulting assignments, with specialisation in financial services and management
      • Experienced in project management to deliver projects for tier-1 clients in a highly dynamic
      • Led teams on product development projects for large insurance companies.


      • Independent Coach – Life, career and leadership coaching
      • Agile Coach, Cognizant, India, coached leadership, middle management and teams in a
        multicultural and distributed set-up across the world.
      • Manager, Sopra Steria, India, worked with top UK bank to deliver regulatory and compliance
      • Team Lead, Accenture, India, Led the teams new product development and maintenance on
        an insurance product.
      • Various MNC’s as IT professional Various positions in several different parts of the countries.
        Qualifications o Senior Certified Profession


      • Senior Certified Professional Coach (SCPC), Coach Transformation Academy, Dubai
      • International Coach Federation – Associate Coach (ICF-ACC) Leadership and Change Management programme , IIM Raipur
      • Master in Computer Applications (MCA), University of Rajasthan
      • Bachelor of Science, (BSc) University of Rajasthan

      A seasoned facilitator, mentor and ICF certified coach (PCC) in the leadership space for over two decades. Conceptualised, designed and delivered several leadership programs which included blended learning, E-learning, simulations and experiential learning. With a passion for behavioural work, coached and mentored several managers and future leaders. She keeps their psychological safety as a foremost attribute and as a result people feel comfortable sharing even the most deepest and challenging aspects which could be hindering their progress. Extensive use of psychometrics, Emotional Intelligence and Transactional Analysis helps her break the impasse.



      LEADERSHIP CONSULTANT AND COACH JUNE 2018-CURRENTAs an independent consultant, have delivered many workshops and group coachings for clients in the manufacturing, supply chain, IT domains in the context of various leadership competencies which included performance management, change management, giving and receiving feedback, crucial conversations, influencing without authority, emotional intelligence-understanding and managing self and others and psychometric tool interpretation. A seasoned coach working with middle and senior managers in the context of professional and organizational development helping them realize and achieve their true potential.

      SIKSHA PVT. LTD: JUNE 2017-MAY 2018
      Senior consultant facilitator delivering various workshops in the space of leadership, understanding self and others including workshops on DISC and Leadership, Executive presence, Harrison assessment interpretation from a leadership perspective, emotional intelligence, conflict management, influencing without authority, assertiveness and many others.
      Coached participants based on Harrison Assessment and DiSC to elicit their strengths and areas of improvement which helped them work through short and long term goals to becoming a better leader and an effective people manager.

      Senior Leadership Facilitator, Mentor and Coach
      Facilitated “ The Bullet Proof Manager program” which involved various workshops on Leadership, Customer Excellence, Motivation, Attitude, Business Acumen, Emotional Intelligence, Innovation, Advanced Communication Skills, Presentation skills, Interviewing skills, Negotiation Skills, Conflict Management, Change Management, and Decision Making, among others.
      Coached many first level managers using DiSC assessment as a platform to help them understand the elements of people management. This coaching helped them find an expression for their core strengths and minimize their fears and apprehensions.
      Department of Anaesthesia, Massachusetts General Hospital which is a part of the Harvard Medical school.


      DISC certified through a Certified Personal Behavioural Analyst program -Turning Point Pvt. Ltd.
      Certified Personal Value Analyst (PIAV) and Tri-metrix certified
      80 Hours of Human Labs with Sumedhas
      Certified in Story Telling with a diploma from Kathalaya
      NLP certified
      TA 101 and Script Writing certified. Currently Enrolled in TA Advanced program specializing in Organizational Development
      Harrison Assessment Certification
      Certification in Gestalt Therapy and Appreciate Inquiry
      Senior Certified Professional Coach(CTA-SCPC)- Coach Transformation Academy-April 2020
      Associate Certified Coach(ACC) by the International Coach federation(ICF)- Sept 2020 and PCC in Sept 2021
      Emotional Intelligence Coach Practitioner by NLP Academy
      Certified Life Coach from the Academy of Modern Applied Psychology-May 2020

      Ranked among the top 12 change agents || Senior Certified Professional Coach || Behavioural Trainer at EY || Certified Learning Leader

      Poonam is an experienced HR professional, having contributed over 2 decades in BFSI (EY, MetLife, Mercer), Information Technology (TCS) and Media (India Today). Given her armed forces background, D& I echoes strong in her persona.

      As a Faculty Volunteer with an United Nations accredited NGO -The Art of Living Foundation Poonam has been ranked among the Global Top Twelve Change Agents and Brand Ambassador for Women Empowerment by The Art of Living (year 2021: )

      She is a Certified Learning Leader-a global trainer accreditation@ EY. She coaches and facilitates learning through the Facilitator Development Workshops, Excellence Academies, Promotion Schools, Soft Skills, On-boarding Programs for New Hires.
      She works with both nationals and internationals.

      As a Master Trainer, Poonam drives ToT Webinars globally, and further project manages training sessions for the Government - the IPS, Delhi Prisons, Department of Women and Child Development et al. She is also a facilitator for the Substance Use Management Program, driven under The Art of Living banner.

      Poonam is a University Topper (Masters in Human Resources) and an alum of the Jesus and Mary College, New Delhi (Graduated in Psychology Honors).

      Look forward to partnering towards higher resourcefulness!


      Certified Professional Coach from Coach Transformation

      Skilled Human Resources Manager offering 9+years of progressive experience in human resources, strategic leader, decision-Maker and problem solver. Communicates clearly and effectively while operating with strong sense of urgency.


      • Applicant tracking systems proficient
      • Recruitment strategies
      • Contract negotiation abilities
      • Communications management
      • Benefits and compensation management
      • Compensation and benefits
      • Equal opportunities facilitation
      • Payroll coordination
      • Company organization
      • Recruitment
      • Organizational Development
      • Benefits administration
      Work History

      Human Resources Manager
      Precicon Services Private Limited , Columbia, Maryland
      Recruited to direct HR for Domestic and newly launched international operations. Partner with other directors and senior executives to develop new business initiatives, foster employee engagement, and mobilize talent.
      Key Roles and Responsibilities:
      · Handled a human resource department of 5 team members and their various functions.
      · Effectively liaised between senior managers and employees to maintain and improve company- employee relations.
      · Researched, recruited, staffed, onboarded, and trained new company hires according to the needs of department managers and company budget.
      · Mentored new recruits, provided onboarding seminars, and conducted group and individual training sessions.
      · Ensured compliance of company directives, regulatory concerns, and health and safety protocols.
      · Administered payroll, company benefits packages, corporate events and teambuilding meetings.

      Staffing Specialist
      Winning Edge Solutions, Laurel, Maryland
      Key Roles and Responsibilities:
      · Conducting full-cycle recruiting by sourcing candidates, identifying specification for each position, review and conduct pre-employment screening and arrange placements and execution of hires based on the client needs.
      · Utilize best practice to review, interview and select candidates to fill open positions by scheduling and conducting phone interviews.
      · Create and modify interview questions aligned with position requirements and preference following compliance guidelines.
      · Sourcing candidates using Application Tracking System, job sites and social Media platform.

      Senior Talent Acquisition Specialist
      Makro Technologies, Hyderabad, Telangana
      Key Roles and Responsibilities:
      · Handled internal recruitments and also senior, junior and middle level requirements like Medical Coder, Billing Specialist, AR Caller, Accounts Manager – Taxation, Sales Manager, Business Development Manager, Marketing Coordinator, Finance Executive, Senior Admin Officer, Downstream Specialist for top multinational clientele.
      · Understanding the client requirements and sourcing the profiles by using job portals, head hunting and referrals.
      · Interviewing and screening candidates for the preliminary round.
      · Scheduling the interview with the client and follow- up with the clients.
      · Closing the requirement on the given TAT.
      · Preparation of MIS reports for Internal and External requirement.

      Senior HR Consultant
      Ambrosia Consultants, Hyderabad, Telangana
      Key Roles and Responsibilities: -
      · Handled Senior, Junior and Middle Level requirements for Media Planning, Sales Planner, Sales Manager, Accounts Manager, Marketing Coordinator, Finance Executive, Dealer, Assistant Manager Brand Activation, Senior Logistics Manager, Branch Managers, Senior Managers, Manager, Relationship Managers.
      · Understanding the Clients requirements and sourcing the profiles by using job portals, headhunting and referrals.
      · Interviewing and screening candidates for the preliminary round.
      · Scheduling the interviews with the client and follow-up with the clients.
      · Closing the requirements on the given TAT.
      Preparation of MIS reports for internal and external requirement

      HR Recruiter
      Genpact, Hyderabad, Telangana
      Key Roles and Responsibilities:
      · Handled Senior, Junior and Middle level requirements for Customer Care, Accountancy, Technical Support.
      · Recruiting candidates for the post of Customer Care, Accountancy, Cendant solutions, Technical Support and for ATP Program Referrals.
      · Recruiting candidates from Ad Walk-In, Direct Walk-in, employee reference and through job portals.
      · Sourcing & Hiring the candidates from consultancies, through job fairs and through campus interviews.
      · Taking PIR (Personal Introduction Round), Voice & Accent round and HR round for all the processes.
      · Taking Care of the new joinees by helping them in their joining formalities and onboarding process.


      MBA: Human Resources Management
      Sri Venkateshwara University - Hyderabad

      B.Com: Commerce
      Kakatiya University - Hyderabad

      Ritu Gaur

      ICF Certified Coach, and ABNLP certified NLP Trainer
      Program Leader & Faculty – India
      A passionate trainer and coaching professional, Ritu is a people's person with 15 years of experience in spearheading training function and handling cross-functional relationships in the multicultural global environment. Her domain expertise lies in creating scalable learning solutions, engaging and influencing stakeholders, and leading global teams across geographies and projects. Ritu has worked with major brands like Expedia, Orbitz, Cheap tickets, Lastminute, and Ebookers. Her search to bring in mindfulness in the stressed mechanical corporate life led her to explore the domains of coaching, and she is now an ICF Certified Coach, and ABNLP certified NLP Trainer. As a Transformational Leadership & Life Coach, she works with growth-oriented professionals to create and achieve actionable goals. Being a woman herself, her passion for empowering women to grow as leaders has led her to work with Cherie Blaire Foundation as a Pro-Bono Business Mentor, where she works with businesswomen across the globe to help them scale up their businesses

      EIA-EMCC, PCC-ICF, CTA-SCPC, NLP & CBT Practitioner
      Life and Transformation Coach

      • Senior Certified Professional Coach (CTA-SCPC)
      • Certified Coach (PCC) from International Coach Federation (ICF) and
      • European Mentoring and Coaching council (EMCC)
        NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) practitioner.
      • Trainer on “Power Skills” and “Mental Resilience” to corporates

      Global Footprints

      •  18+ years in Banking Operations, Delivery, CX and Outsourcing with
        Corporates including GE, Citi, IBM and ENBD.
      • Savoir-Relier Leadership program from HEC Paris – 21st century Leaders
      • Certifications include AMP - MDI Gurgaon, COPC, Green Belt and LEAN

      Author of the book “7 Strides to better life”- A complete guide to self mastery.

      Bachelor of Arts: Speech Communication, Concentration Organizational & Interpersonal Communication Morgan State University - May 2018 – Baltimore, MD

      Business & Leadership Coach, July 2020 – Present
      Golden Alkemi Coaching, LLC Philadelphia, PA

      • Identifying and developing clear and tangible business goals
      • Plan and prioritize goals and strategies for progress
      • Monitor commitments and progress made via regular meetings
      • Coaching business owners/managers on ideal business practices
      • Aiding clients in problem-solving, goal setting, and achievement
      • Provide one-on-one coaching, group coaching, and/or team coaching for program participants

      Associate Administrator, September 2016 – September 2017
      Elson Consulting Group LLC Baltimore, MD

      • Oversaw a variety of account expenditures; maintained and reconciled budgets for various accounts; advised and determined which expenditures are within the budget guidelines; informed management of irregularities and proceeded with corrective action.
      • Provided administrative support to supervisor in areas such as maintaining record-keeping systems; developed and maintained databases and spreadsheets; prepared special and recurring reports containing specialized or sensitive information.
      • Executed and coordinated office operations such as office moves, meetings, conferences, workshops, convocations and special events; coordinated building and equipment maintenance requests.
      • Responded to inquiries, provided information requiring comprehensive knowledge of company and university policies and procedures; interpreted administrative decisions and policies to other staff.
      • Prioritized and arranged meetings, conferences, and appointments for supervisor; made all necessary travel
        arrangements and itineraries; prepared and filed travel authorization and travel vouchers for supervisor, faculty, staff, and guest lecturers; prepared background materials needed.
      • Served as liaison to faculty, staff, clients, and the general public in facilitating company programs, request for
        information or complaints.
      • Coordinated the activities of subordinates including orienting and training new staff.

      Blends professional knowledge in areas of digital, corporate wellness, health insurance and marketing, with people skills and coaching/training experience. Known for providing best-in-class innovative product management solutions and project delivery in variety of digital business settings.


      Senior Corporate Engagement Specialist
      2018 to present | Daman– Digital & Marketing
      Trainer/Coach for digital, management and health insurance programs. Key contributor to setup of the digital products portfolio. Acting as a product owner for the mobile apps and the health and wellness digital marketplace.

      • Increased mobile apps installs by 100% in 9 months’ time. Improved the customer experience and resulted in crossing 4.5-star ratings and becoming number 1 insurance app in the country.
      • Launched first health insurances product on the mobile app to maximize customer satisfaction and generate revenue.
      • Created the strategy and managed the development of the digital health and wellness marketplace.

      Corporate Wellness Program Leader
      2015 to 2018 | Daman– Product Development
      Managed the digital wellness team and put the framework for the health and wellness program.

      • Launched the corporate wellness program to employees and key clients with over 150,000 participants.
      • Coached, mentored and trained the team to develop their skills.
      • Managed the unit budget, vendors, policies and procedures.

      Senior Health Insurance Specialist
      2013 to 2015 | Daman– Corporate Sales
      Managed a big portfolio of corporate and key government accounts; ensuring the best service delivery and maximization of health insurance policy profitability.

      Will is a CTA Certified Team Transformation Master Coach and a member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF). He is currently obtaining ICF Associate Certified Coach credentials. He specializes in executive coaching and leadership team coaching.

      A dynamic leader and successful coach, for the last 27 years in 43 countries, Will has directed the design and management of United Nations programmes, building capacities of organizational teams, communities, governments, civil society, academia, businesses, media,
      and international agencies.

      He also holds a Doctor of Philosophy (University of Queensland), a Master of Arts (University of Durham), a Postgraduate Certificate (Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine), and a Bachelor of Science (University of Southampton). He is currently writing a book on Leading with Compassion


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