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All That You Should Know About Coach Training Programs

about coach training programs

Professional coaching training programs are a great way to improve your skill set and receive certification online. However, due to the large number of options and the often confusing information that comes out of multiple sources, individuals end up with possible incorrect information. We set the record straight here with answers to some of the most important and common questions. Here’s what you should know about coach training programs:

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What are the steps necessary to become a certified corporate coach?

This is quite simple and straightforward.

  • Enroll for training in a program that is approved/accredited.
  • Achieve the required number of hours in coaching experience.
  • Partner with someone who is a mentor coach.
  • Demonstrate your skills of understanding, coaching techniques, core competencies, and ethics.

This more or less sums up all that you need to do to become a professional certified coach. The confusion is not with the process but the questions that one may have about joining the training program to acquire coaching skills for leaders. Let’s look at the common questions you are likely to ask when thinking about becoming a coach.

Does One Need To Be Certified For Being A Coach?

No, there are no regulations that make it necessary for an individual to have certification to become a coach. However, this may change in the future because of the large number of coaches and agencies that offer coaching programs. There may be some kind of a shakeup in the future. In other words, there may be efforts to regulate the industry and this may result in the need of certification. Large corporate are known to only hire coaches who have certification/accreditation.

So… is it mandatory?

This is precisely the reason, why we recommend you to take coaching certification programs approved by internationally recognized coaching associations. There are additional reasons, including –

  • Most of the corporations require certification for executive coaching. These corporates may not necessarily have in-depth knowledge about the certification process, but they definitely would want to work with someone who is legitimately and professionally certified. This makes it easier for the corporate to take decisions.
  • You are conditioned very well in the training program. You get to learn many things, right from basic fundamental skills to specialized skills. Even if you have years of experience, professional training will help you in handling all situations as a result of the skills sets that you are equipped with, in addition to the tools and the mindset. One more important factor is that it is not just the theoretical part, but certification also involves practical aspects, which are of great help.
  • Advice and coaching are entirely different. An individual who is good at giving advice to another individual should not consider himself or herself as a good coach. The circumstances are entirely different. A certified training program will equip you to offer coaching as against advice. As mentioned, a coaching program will help you to adopt a structured approach, equipped with the right toolset and skills set.
  • Certification indicates that you are a professional. Globally, there is increased demand for individuals who are considered as professionals in their fields. With the right kind of certification you will add value to your expertise that will in turn open doors.

What Are The Types of Certification?

There are three coaching programs viz. the basic coach training, the advanced coach training, and the master coach training. The basic coaching covers fundamental training that involves creating a mindset, developing the skill set, and knowing about the tool set. Advanced and master training is all about specific categories. Certification programs involve online theoretical classes, practical classes and few workshops that will give you greater on field exposure.

Regardless of your need, you will find that internationally acclaimed certification will add value to your expertise and tell the world about it. For instance, you could be in a leadership role in your organization, and you may be looking at advancing professionally. Or, you could be an individual intending to become a full time professional business coach. Regardless of what you are and what you intend to become, you will certainly find a course that meets your specific requirements. However, the challenge is in finding the most suitable training center and also in choosing the most suitable program.

Getting it right

Get these two dimensions right and you can be sure that you will successfully complete the program and put the skills to good use. Choose from multiple options, including on-site training or online courses to complete the training. There are multiple options available and the best option is one that gives you the flexibility to complete the training without actually compromising on the outcome. This ideally needs to be the first filter that you employ when looking for a suitable course.

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