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Why you should go for ICF-Accredited Coach Certification in New Zealand

In recent years the profession of coaching has significantly flourished across New Zealand. More people are interested in getting formal training and certification to become professional coaches. According to ICF (International Coaching Federation), there are more than 136 certified and credentialed coaches across the Northern, Central, and Southern branches of New Zealand within the Australasia Charter Chapter. The numbers are on the rise even as you read this blog. While many are embracing the concept of getting coaching certification in New Zealand, significant others are under a common dilemma – do I need an ICF certificate as a coach? So, let’s get some answers.

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Is It Important to Get Professional Certification in Coaching?

No, getting an ICF Certificate as a coach is not mandatory. Is it essential to get coaching certification? The answer is yes. But, for a person conflicted about whether to get a certificate or not, the answer is a tad bit more complicated than a simple yes or no. A coaching aspirant must first understand why to consider an ICF Certificate and its value in the coaching industry.

Firstly, you must perceive coaching as any other profession. Like any other profession, say a lawyer or a therapist, professional coaching requires formal training to understand and adopt the core principles and protocols that define the industry. Only then can a person become a good lawyer or a therapist. The same goes for coaches. Unless you understand and learn the core competencies and ethics required for coaching, you may not be able to coach anyone fully. And clients may not trust you without proper training and certifications.

Besides, certification is also a matter of credibility. A certificate and credentials from leading organizations like ICF and EMCC attest to your capability. Your potential client will prefer a professional with ICF-accredited coach certification in New Zealand over one that does not hold any credentials.

Additionally, it’s not just the coaching certification in New Zealand that matters. The place where a coach is getting the certificate is essential too. So, choose an institute that offers ICF-accredited courses by experienced and ICF-credentialed coaches.

How to Get Started with ICF Coach Training in New Zealand?

Now that we discussed the importance of ICF certification, let’s talk about getting started with the training. You can start by searching for an institute that offers ICF-accredited courses. The International Coaching Federation (ICF) does not train and give certificates. However, it does offer accreditation to the courses fulfilling a standard of learning and practice. ICF offers only credentials to coaches trained under ICF-accredited courses. So, certification opens up the path to getting ICF credentials too. There are different specializations in coaching which you can choose as per your preference. The ICF has three certification levels:

  • ACC (Associate Certified Coach)
  • PCC (Professional Certified Coach)
  • MCC (Master Certified Coach)

People usually start with the ACC level and then move on to the higher levels. Each certification level has a different number of coach-specific training hours. For the ACC credential, you need to complete at least 60 hours of coaching training.

Additionally, it is mandatory to undertake 10 hours of mentoring sessions under a credentialed coach. After the coach training and mentoring, you will have to conduct client sessions under supervision, followed by a final assessment. After then, you get coaching certification in New Zealand. 


While certification is essential to becoming a professional coach, it is equally important to have the right attitude, passion, and skills to become a successful and compassionate coach. If you are looking for a reputed institute for coaching certification in New Zealand, check out the courses offered by Coach Transformation Academy. Coach Transformation is a leading global institute for ICF-accredited coach training programs with online learning provisions. Contact our program expert today to get started with your coaching certification in New Zealand.

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