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What do Executive Coaches Do?

Doesn’t the term executive coaching sound exclusive? However, regardless of its name, the coaching method isn’t chartered for employees of a certain career or industry. Executive coaching is all about generating personal awareness and encouraging action to help coachees reach their full potential. Here’s more on executive coaching in New Zealand.

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“Many multinationals and a growing number of larger New Zealand firms send their senior executives to coaches, or bring coaches into the office for workshops.” – NZ Herald.

Coaching is a growing profession, with executive coaching being on top among businesses and professionals in New Zealand. But the catch here is finding executive coaches that are professionals and do not preach.

How is Executive Coaching different from Coaching?

Executive Coaches are coaches with experience in working in corporate culture. They understand the dilemmas of professionals and act as a sounding board for them. What many not know is that coaches are not motivators. They do not advice or guide. Executive Coaching supports leaders in understanding their self, skills and explore below the surface.

Before partnering with an executive coach, it’s important to understand the time and energy required from yourself. Here are some questions that can help you decide whether you are ready or not to work with an executive coach.

1. What do you want from coaching?

For one, you need to narrow down and refine your objectives. If you want to partner with an executive coach, you have to understand that coaches only support you to unlock your potential and not counsel or guide you.

2. Are you driven enough to devote your time, efforts, and mental energy needed for achieving your goals?

Most coaching sessions are conducted hourly. You have to have an open mind for being coached. You might not see immediate results. As it requires an equal amount of energy and time from you like your executive coach, you have to be ready to take up challenges and initiate changes.

3. Are you liberal enough to challenge the existing beliefs, paradigms, behaviors, assumptions, and habits limiting your success?

Some people are hell-bent on proving that their perspective is right. You might be right, but others aren’t wrong; they are just different. You can never get different results by doing the same thing. Coaching is all about self-reflection and be the change within yourself. So, are you ready to shed light on the thoughts and habits that don’t support your vision of success?

4. Are you ready to be accountable?

Are you ready to take action and be accountable for them? One of the main benefits of executive coaching is you become accountable for your goals. With each coaching session, you can become more self-accountable.

5. Are you prepared to be honest and open with your coach?

Above all, coaching is partnering. A coach is your thinking partner to self-reflect on your goals, values, beliefs, and how you can make the most of your skills. Hence, finding a coach who you can trust is crucial.


Different empirical research on coaching shows that organizations reported a significant spike in their productivity charts after switching to executive coaching in New Zealand. However, enrolling in a coaching program isn’t the only stepping stone. The coaching process is as challenging as supportive, and it requires unparalleled energy and focus. Ensure that you are in the right frame of mind when entering a coaching engagement. If you want to take one step further in your profession, enroll in our Executive Coach Training program now.

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