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ICF Executive Coaching Certification Programs in New Zealand

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Coach Transformation Academy (CTA) is a globally recognized Executive Coaching Certification Training institute in New Zealand. CTA is an International Coaching Federation (ICF) certified coach training provider with ICF level 1 and level 2 accreditations. We deliver transformative and experiential executive coaching certification programs for professionals, coaches, and organizations in New Zealand and around the globe.

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Coach Transformation offers the best certified Executive Coaching program in New Zealand and worldwide. Our ICF accredited professional executive coaching training course is highly experiential, interactive, and engaging. Coach Transformation executive coaching courses are for leaders, executives, managers, coaches, and L&D experts, OD professionals who want to learn to coach their peers and others toward moving forward.

Start Your Certified Professional Executive Coach Journey with CTA

Do you have enough experience working with corporate people? Do you want to become a coach but are not sure where to start? Becoming an executive coach in NZ can be the first step towards your coaching journey. If you are contemplating a transition into the world of professional executive coaching and wondering where to initiate your journey, the prospect of working with corporate individuals can be both exciting and daunting, especially if you are aspiring to become an executive coach and an expert in guiding senior-level and mid-level professionals to enhance their performance. In New Zealand, the avenue to embark on this transformative career path lies in obtaining an ICF Executive Coaching Certification. If you’re keen on coaching business professionals in senior-level and mid-level positions, then becoming an Executive Coach can be your calling.

Coach Transformation’s ICF certified executive coaching program is part of its Level 2 coach training program called the Senior Certified Professional Coach (SCPC) and is approved by the ICF for 125 hours of coach-specific training. Although our SCPC Program is a standalone course, becoming an ICF certified Executive coach can be a piece of cake if you have already undergone 60 hours of coach-specific training, as this program will be shortened to 65 hours. 

We recommend our Senior Certified Professional Coach (SCPC) training program to apply coaching to your current profession and personal goal achievement and to develop your own coaching business and service. Upon completing the coach-specific training, you will be conferred with the CTA SCPC certification. This certificate is valid with the ICF and you can submit it to the ICF to get your PCC credential. Apart from getting certified by the ICF Level 2, CTA SCPC prepares you for for EMCC (European Mentoring and Coaching Council) practitioner level, SHRM (Society for Human Resource Management) (recertification). Students will also undergo 10 hours of mentor coaching in this executive coaching training as per the guidelines of the ICF. 

Key Features of this ICF Level 2 Course:

  • 125 hours of coach training
  • ICF-Accredited
  • Real-time Peer Coaching
  • Six-Step Individual Development Plan
  • SMART goal setting
  • Get an Executive Coaching business toolkit

Course Outcomes:

  • Be able to coach teams, executives, managers, and leaders
  • Use Executive Coaching tools effectively
  • Launch a successful Executive Coaching practice
  • Apply coaching concepts to your business or organization
  • Develop your own coaching approaches to succeed
  • Improve your leadership, communication, and coaching skills

Gaining sufficient experience in collaborating with corporate personnel is crucial for anyone aspiring to thrive in the realm of executive coaching. If you find yourself yearning to guide business professionals through the intricate challenges associated with their roles, then pursuing an ICF Executive Coaching Certification can serve as the cornerstone of your coaching endeavors. This certification not only equips you with the essential skills and knowledge needed to excel in professional executive coaching but also provides a globally recognized credential that can significantly enhance your credibility in the field.

The journey to becoming an Executive Coach involves acquiring a profound understanding of the nuances of coaching at an executive level. With the ICF Executive Coaching Certification, you will delve into comprehensive coaching methodologies, honing your ability to facilitate meaningful conversations that drive impactful results.

Embrace Yourself to Enroll in the ICF Level 2

Take the first step towards becoming an Executive Coach. Join the best executive coaching program. Become a certified professional Executive Coach in NZ with CTA.

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One-to-one coaching is increasingly being recognized as the way for organizations to improve Executives for developing new skills, improving performance, overcoming de-railers, and preparing for advancement. This coaching tie often results in improved business results. Executive coaching is often delivered by external coaches whose services are requested for an agreed duration or number of coaching sessions.

Whether you want to upskill your leaders or help them instill confidence to lead, CTA gives customized, experiential executive coaching programs that resonate with your business’ values, goals, and culture.

At present, all our courses, including the Executive Coaching Certification course, are conducted online.

Coach Transformation Academy provides the best Executive Coaching program. After completing your training with CTA, you become eligible to earn 4 (four) global certifications! We also give you post-training support without any additional cost. Plus, you become a member of the CTA Global Coach Community!

The CTA Executive Coach program is 20 hours training if you have completed the ICF-certified coach training. If you have not undergone any coach training, please contact us to discuss how we can start your coaching journey.

We do encourage our students to practice coaching as much as possible prior to starting their own services. CTA gives you ample opportunities to practice coaching with your fellow cohort companions.

You can use the hours spent in the training with CTA towards the ICF credential. You will receive 20 CCE units on completing the Executive Coaching Certification course.

You will be able to understand and acquire skills better if you have already undergone coach-specific training earlier. You can still join our Executive Coaching Certification course if you haven’t completed any coach-specific training. Contact our Course Consultant to know how you can become an Executive Coach.

Our course cost varies depending upon your coaching qualifications and requirements. Hence, we recommend calling our Course Consultant to know more about our complete cost payment options.

CTA is proud to provide the following coaching specializations – Life Coaching, Business Coaching, Career Coaching, and Team Coaching. Many CTA students are now successful coaches in their own niche. For instance, some are Performance Coach, Transformational Life Coach, Recovery Coach, and more.

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