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ICF Level 1 Course

Overview: What’s Level 1 Path?

The ICF level 1 path is the coach certification path to obtain the ACC (Associate Certified Coach) credential from the ICF (International Coaching Federation). The path that was earlier referred to as ICF Approved Coach Specific Training Hours (ICF ACSTH) is labeled as Level 1 now. This course acts as a gateway for aspiring coaches looking to obtain ICF credentials.

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    What to expect from this course

    Our Level 1 course is named the Certified Professional Coach (CPC), which is approved by the ICF with the Level 1 pathway. This ACC coaching certification program (ICF ACSTH/Level 1 Path) is a rigorous program designed to give participants the right tools, knowledge and skills to coach professionally. A blend of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Emotional Intelligence (EQ), CTA CPC is a highly interactive and experiential program, complete with practical exercises and assignments, all geared toward developing the skills necessary for effective coaching. The course emphasizes experiential learning to ensure a hands-on grasp of coaching techniques. This level 1 coaching course includes the coach-specific hours of coaching education, mentoring, and performance evaluation necessary to obtain the ICF ACC credential.

    Our ACC certification programs offer in-depth coaching methodologies, personalized mentorship, and practical insights into the art and science of coaching. Guided by experienced ICF certified trainers, participants undergo rigorous training, enabling them to excel in the field of professional coaching. The ACC certification training not only equips you with foundational coaching techniques but also instills confidence in working with clients effectively. Upon completing this course, you also become eligible to earn the SHRM (Society for Human Resource Management) PDCs for recertification.


    There are no eligibility criteria to enroll in the ICF Level 1 coaching course; the only criteria to participate in our Level 1 program is that you should possess a genuine interest in coaching and a commitment to learning and growth. This course is suitable for aspiring coaches as well as working professionals from various backgrounds seeking to integrate coaching skills into their existing roles.


    Coach Transformation Certified Professional Coach (CPC) is offered in Fast-Track, Weekend and Weekday formats. We also offer in-person training and online workshops. Upon completion of this ACC Certification course, you will gain a broad understanding of the ICF core competencies and ethical guidelines, as well as the NLP tools and techniques. This course equips you with foundational coaching skills, setting the stage for further growth as an ICF PCC(ICF Level 2) & MCC(ICF Level 3).

    How will ACC credentials benefit you?

    ACC credential holders are recognized globally for their competency in coaching, opening doors to various opportunities and enhancing their credibility in the coaching community.

    What are the requirements for the Level 1 pathway?

    There are five basic requirements set by the ICF to get the ACC Credential through the level 1 pathway: 

    1. 60+ hours of coaching education
    2. 100+ hours of coaching experience
    3. 10 hours of Mentor Coaching (7 hours of group mentoring and 3 hours of individual mentoring)
    4. Passing Performance Evaluation
    5. Pass the ICF Examination 

    For CTA students, Performance Evaluation and Mentoring is included in the CPC program. 

    Why Coach Transformation?

    At Coach Transformation, we prioritize your growth and success. Our coaching courses blend theory with real-world applications, ensuring you develop the expertise required to obtain your ICF ACC (Level 1) credential. You should join our ACC coaching certification course to become a certified coach. Don’t miss this opportunity to enhance your coaching skills and elevate your career. Enroll now and step into a fulfilling future as a certified ACC coach! Our comprehensive ACC coaching certification training is designed to empower aspiring coaches with essential skills and knowledge credentialed by the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

    How to Enroll Yourself for the Program?

    Enrolling in the Level 1 Coach Training Program for ACC Coaching Credentials at Coach Transformation is a streamlined process designed for your convenience. The first step is to fill out our Course Registration Form, connect with our Program Expert, and complete the payment (flexible payment options available).

    Ready to make a difference in others’ lives? Click here to Join our ACC coaching certification today!

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