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Top 10 FAQs on Life Coach Training in New Zealand: Get All Answers!

life coach training New Zealand

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic and post that phase, the global coaching industry has transitioned from being an emerging sector to a booming industry. At present, the industry revenue stands at $2.85 billion. Between 2015 and 2019, the number of life coaches worldwide increased by 33%. This global phenomenon has left a significant imprint in New Zealand as well. According to ICF (International Coaching Federation), there are more than 150 certified life coaches and counting in the country (including Southern, Central, and Northern Chapters). On that note, this write-up will give you more clarity by answering all common queries before you get on with life coach training in New Zealand.

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1. Who is a Life Coach?

A life coach is a professional who supports and motivates clients to create plans and implement them toward positive goal fulfillment. Whether the goals will be personal or professional depends on the specialization of the coach.

2. Do you need a degree to become a life coach?

Getting a degree in life coaching isn’t mandatory to coach someone. However, if you are serious about making it a full-time profession, getting professional life coach training in New Zealand is recommended. Formal training and certification help you understand and learn the core coaching competencies and the Code of Ethics. It also adds more credibility to your profile.

3. How much does a life coach earn in New Zealand?

The base hourly rate of a coach in New Zealand is $33.40. It can go up to $298, depending on the specialization and client needs in terms of coaching.

4. What accreditation do you need to be a life coach?

Your coaching training is incomplete without proper accreditation from globally recognized organizations like ICF (International Coaching Federation), EMCC (European Coaching and Mentoring Council), etc.

5. How can I become a Life Coach in New Zealand?

You first need to enroll in a life coaching program under an institute like Coach Transformation, offering ICF-accredited life coaching training. You can start your practice as a Coach Transformation Life Coach. After completing the coach-specific training hours with Coach Transformation, you can work towards gathering experience hours and apply for ICF if you wish.

6. Do I have to be certified to work as a Life Coach?

A certificate as a life coach isn’t necessary. However, getting a certificate makes you a credible and reliable professional. Certificate after life coach training in New Zealand paves the way for a credential, which solidifies your reputation as a trusted professional coach.

7. What is the difference between a Life Coach and a Therapist?

A therapist focuses on the effect of the client’s past experiences on the present. They help  clients suffering from depression, addiction and anxiety and manage their negative emotions. On the contrary, a coach supports clients in bringing self-awareness and self-accountability towards something they want. Therapy focuses on the client’s past life. Coaching focuses in the present life.

8. What do you learn in life coaching training?

A standard life coaching training program teaches you the core competencies to become a coach. Moreover, you will also learn about the Code of Ethics, confidentiality, and maintaining boundaries when dealing with a client.

9. Do people hire life coaches?

At present, especially after the COVID pandemic, people are facing a lot of issues both personally and professionally. Many who have lost their direction and purpose in life hire coaches to renew their purpose and life goals.

10. Can you make a living as a life coach in New Zealand?

Earning as a Life Coach depends on how you and what clients you serve. Many life coaches start at $20 per session and some charges $200 too per session. You will find a business model that works for you after several “trials and errors”. You can also make income from life coaching blogs, books, journals and more. Possibilities are endless as long as you feel confident and happy in what you do.


We hope that you received answers to all your queries. To know more about the courses on life coach training in New Zealand, check out the website of Coach Transformation Academy. They are one of the leading institutes globally offering ICF-accredited courses.

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