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Coach Transformation Academy is one of the leading Life Coach training institute in Australia. Becoming a Life Coach in Australia is an immensely rewarding experience that helps expand your vision on life as well as positively influencing those around you. Our ICF accredited Life Coaching Certification Program in Australia provides in-depth learning experiences and equips you with the essential learning tools that you can apply instantly in your life as well as encourage others around you towards a positive change. If you’re someone looking for flexible, interactive, and highly engaging Life Coach training in Australia, CTA is the learning partner for you. Coach Transformation Academy (CTA) is an International Coaching Federation (ICF)-Approved coaching certification training institute, and our Life Coaching program is ICF approved. ICF certified life coaching course is conducted via online and classroom training. We are proud to have life coaches attended our ICF accredited coach training program course from various parts of Australia, including Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane Queensland, Gold Coast, and many other places. 

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The Life Coaching Certification course is an additional coaching specialist course module to learn life coaching skills, tools, techniques, and models. This life coaching program includes 60 hours of training and 10 hours specializing in life coaching. Life coach certification is a life-changing course for personal and professional development in life. 

The Life Coach Certification program is approved for 60 hours of life coach training. As per the guidelines of the International Coaching Federation (ICF), you will also undergo ten (10) hours of mentoring, which is divided into seven (7) hours of group mentoring and three (3) hours of individual mentoring. Once you complete 60 hours of this Life coaching Course, and ten (10) hours of mentoring, you then undergo the specialist module of ten (10) hours to master your life coaching skills.

During this Life Coaching Certification Course, you will learn many life coaching models, tools, techniques, and will practice them with peers and other coaches who are part of our global coaching community. After completing this Life Coaching Course, you will be equipped with tools and techniques to develop your own life coaching model, and we will support you to ensure that you develop the best working-life coaching model for yourself.

After completing these modules, you also have the option to complete the Business Builder module, which contains five (5) hours of Life Coaching Courses online training and five (5) hours of assignments. This module is an optional module that contains the designing of a coaching website, marketing strategies as a coach, setting up a coaching business, creating your coaching model and identifying your personal market niche, etc.

After all your modules are completed, the Coach Transformation Academy will conduct a final performance evaluation to ensure you have achieved a sufficiently high level of learning, and the effective application of life coaching practice. After passing this test, you will be awarded the CTA’s Certified Life Coach certificate. This certificate is valid with the ICF, and you can submit this to the ICF to obtain your ICF credentials.

Being a Life Coach in Australia, or for that matter, anywhere in the world means to support people to enhance their quality of life and behavior towards life. With CTA, you can become a Certified Life Coach in Australia and enjoy a self-employed career assisting people and businesses achieve their aspirations. Our international peer coaching community provides extensive networking opportunities and support even after the completion of training.

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Damian K Ten Bohmer - ICF Coaching Training Faculty CTA - SCPC | ICF - ACC

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Damian is a uniquely skilled, internationally experienced Commercial Leader, having worked in over 40 countries and lived in 7, he remains grounded and is very well experienced at forming culturally diverse, remote teams and enabling them to become high-performance business partners and individuals, in an environment where people continually learn, improve, develop and have a lot of fun along the way.


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