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Do we truly understand and appreciate our emotions?

Everyone makes his/her own story based on his/her own mode, background, and understanding of the same scene…I should stop making stories as they’re not real, they are my own creation. And though it makes sense and I know it, I still have to develop a much more thorough understanding of how to use it through my Emotional Intelligence discovery journey.

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Can we realize that emotions are happening at a specific moment? It leads me to question, “How would different people experience the same emotions?” i.e. “Do we all experience happiness the same way? If we don’t, then what is the reason behind the differing levels of intensity?” Any emotion – for example, happiness – is experienced at different intensities as a result of everyone’s different circumstances and moments they are going through. The word “moments” started popping into my thoughts every now and then. I started watching and appreciating my moments, cooking, praying, reading, chatting, etc. Our life is a series of moments, where some, we realize, while others we do not. Do we realize the ones where we experience certain feelings, reactions, experiences, etc? I do understand that we are emotional creatures, and emotions are blessings that we intrinsically have to serve us. The question is: “Are we always utilizing emotions to serve us?”

Do we truly understand and appreciate our emotions? For me, this the starting point of the journey. What are emotions? Do I know them (knowledge)? Do I know how to use them as I should (knowing) or do I use them in a way that harms me? Can I master it to the level that it becomes my unconscious competence? If I managed to reach that, then am I emotionally intelligent? And to what degree? Is emotional intelligence a skill that can be mastered, or is it a continuous learning process?

This made me think about why some people, when angry, become vocal or behave in a way that stresses everyone around them. What makes them vocal? How can they change that behavior (being vocal)? What happens at that specific moment that makes them react the way they do. Was there a moment before that? What do they feel a moment after their reaction and behavior? Does that anger feeling continue?

I understand that our life is a series of moments (some dictionaries define moments as the present – or define it as a particular time or occasion). Of course, not everything and everyone we experience through different moments stirs an emotional reaction, but there are moments where we tend to be emotional and react accordingly. This reaction will have an impact on ourselves (can be good or harmful) or affect our relationship with others (either in our favor or otherwise).

The art and skill of discovering and understanding our own emotions are critical. I believe getting in touch with ourselves and understanding it starts with understanding emotions, as this can be the pre-state for knowing how we can manage our reaction to a specific emotion.

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