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Craft Your Own Career through Coaching

Coaching as a term is quite awe-inspiring. It immediately makes us visualize a person who holds the ability to steer the course of anyone’s life in the right direction by just motivating and inspiring them. As exciting as it sounds, very few realize that getting ICF certification and becoming a professional coach is a great career opportunity as well.

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However, more than often, people confuse a coach with a therapist.  This blog will give you a brief insight into the role of a coach and what it entails as a career path.

What does a Coach Do?
Certified coaches are not life experts, but rather trained individuals who can provide one with the right encouragement and motivation by asking relevant questions and supporting them to get the right answers to overcome the adversities.

People often get side-tracked from the path that they are meant to walk on. That creates an imbalance in their personal and professional life, hindering the growth of the mind. Some might even find themselves on crossroads, where the way ahead becomes blurry. During such times, the inner self becomes shrouded with thoughts of unfulfillment and despair.

A coach aids one to chart the road ahead and strike a balance in life, by motivating them to deal with the troubles within. They won’t provide you with readymade answers, but rather coax you to find it yourself.

A certified coach is not restricted to a single avenue to Pursue through ICF Certification –
Corporate Coaching or Executive Coaching
An executive coach or a team coach shares his/her insight for the betterment of an organization or team. The professionals within the organization are steered to work as one and the goals are realigned to enhance the performance of the team.

As per a survey conducted by the ICF (International Coaching Federation, the propagation of a coaching culture within an organization increases employee engagement and boosts overall productivity of the business or organization.

Leadership Coaching

It is directed towards the ones who hold important positions within the corporate or social. Here the coach will aid the leaders to augment their attitude and approach towards their responsibilities for the fulfillment of their goals.
Career Coaching
A career coach will not help one to find a job, but will rather get the person acquainted with their skills and passion so that they can pursue the right career path on their own. They help to eliminate doubts and dissatisfaction often associated with career blocks.

Life Coaching 
Life coaches aid an individual to cultivate the thoughts and perspectives ingrained in their inner self. It opens up the mind to an array of possibilities which otherwise one might never have thought of. Such an optimistic approach automatically makes one more adaptable to necessary changes that life brings along. A life coach is not your support system, rather they make sure that you never fall weak to adversity.

Over the year, coaching has been recognized as a viable career option, considering its demand in both personal and professional spaces. As per International Coaching Federation (ICF) statics, coaching industry rakes in annual revenue of $2.5.

So, if you have a passion for supporting and motivating others, coaching can be a full-time profession and profitable one at its best.

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