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GROW Model – A Powerful Framework for Coaching

Various methodologies have been adopted over the world across industry for coaching and one among the more popular frameworks is the GROW model. The process followed in this framework ideally subscribes to a method that is expands on the acronym of GROW – Goal, Reality, Obstacles/Options and Way Forward. This is the basis on which the model is built. To put this differently it is all about the setting of goals and solving of problems. As a favourite model deployed for corporate coaching it is necessary for certified coaches to know more about this framework that is in use globally.

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The differentiators that make the framework successful
The GROW model makes use of a simple framework, that offers a very powerful tool to emphasize, and bring out the potential of participants in coaching certification in Malaysia through a sequence of interactions.  The difference lies in the manner in which the model tackles problem solving while at the same time helping in the setting of goals. The combination of these two aspects help the professional to maximize productivity.  The reason behind the achievements of professionals who rely on the tool is the flexibility that it offers. The simple and unassuming tool has a single advantage that is difficult to achieve with other methodologies. The results of the powerful tools in the framework are the same across different regions – which means that the results are undiluted across disciplines, cultures, and different personality types.

Why the model has been adopted by the international community
The model yields higher productivity, results in improved communication skills and fosters greater interpersonal relationships, leading to an overall improvement in the working environment.  This model is adopted by the international community and in any good ICF accredited coach training program. Malaysia has centres of excellence for professional coaching that offer ICF accredited training programs using the GROW model. The GROW model is effective among individuals straddling backgrounds, experiences and disciplines. It is the go-to model across organizations and universities worldwide, because of the outstanding results that it offers.  The model helps individuals to become aware of the following:

#1 Own aspirations

#2 Present situation

#3 Personal beliefs

#4 Availability of resources

#5 Possible options

#6 Actions necessary to achieve goals

The model has been largely successful because goal setting within a time frame that is specific and measureable, is both inspiring and challenging, in addition to being achievable.   This automatically translates into the promotion of self-confidence and motivation of individuals, which in turn results in increased productivity and greater personal satisfaction. The final stage of the GROW model, helps individuals to measure success, and determines the desire and intent to succeed in the goal.

The best training institutes implement the GROW model better
Methodologies that become popular all over the world often face a challenge. The challenge is not within the framework but outside of the framework. Due to rising popularity, all stakeholders attempt to use it or profess expertise. And unfortunately, not everyone will be properly equipped to impart training in the methodology. As a result the most popular methodologies often get diluted in implementation. It is therefore necessary to choose a training centre that uses the methodology effectively and in a manner that fully leverages the potential.

The GROW model is used by institutes that offer the best NLP training. Malaysia based accredited institutes that offer ICF training programs use the GROW model and the right techniques to help participants overcome various obstacles and achieve goals. This is achieved through continuous and progressive coaching that creates the right kind of support structure for leveraging the potential of every individual. To motivate an individual and boost confidence, it is necessary to create a conducive atmosphere which will result in benefits that are both short and long term.

Outlining the four steps of GROW model 

  • Goal (Establishing it) – This looks at the goal in a structured manner. It is intended to set an achievable goal that is measurable, realistic, and specific, to be concluded within a particular time frame.
  • Reality (Considering it) – This looks at the current reality, which is often overlooked by individuals and organizations in the quest for a solution. This establishes a start to the solution, and offers important information on how the goal needs to be achieved effectively.
  • Obstacles/Options (Exploring) – After goals have been set and the current realities spelt out, it is time to look at the obstacles in the path or the options available. The options need to be explored, with multiple choices being considered before choosing the best possible option. It is also necessary to look at the obstacles in the path to achieving the defined goals.
  • Will (Establishing) – After the three actions of setting goals, looking at present situation, and exploring options it is necessary to chart out a detailed roadmap for executing the actions. The specific actions that are necessary to move through the obstacles, through various options to reach the goal from the starting point determine the success of achieving goals.

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