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How to Become an Executive Coach: Guide To Get Started

So you are looking for a career change, or do you want to take over a leadership role? If you are looking for career growth in your profession or want to achieve goals, Executive Coaching can be an incredible option.

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But before you start searching for how to become an executive coach, first thing first… let’s talk about what executive coaching is. Most often, executive coaching is confused with similar interventions. People who turn to executive coaching hail from different professions and outlets, making it even difficult for them to understand the sum and substance of executive coaching.

What is executive coaching and what do executive coaches do?

Executive coaching is an elaborate coaching process that can aid high-potential employees and executives to gain self-awareness and clarify their goals to attain their development objectives. Sometimes also known as leadership coaching, the executive coaching process involves one-on-one interaction with potential coaches to navigate through difficult challenges or career dynamics.

Executive coaches support clients to establish clear goals and the steps essential to achieve them. They help their clients with any obstructions that they face in performing in any high-level role. Instead of offering advice, executive coaches guide to develop a system thinking perspective.

What’s the difference between executive coaching and others?

Unlike traditional modes of coaching that are based on individual development, executive coaching is about holistic professional and personal development. When an individual undertakes an executive coaching role, they don’t just reach higher levels of cognition at work; they also acquire skills to manage teams, heighten self-awareness, empower self-growth and improve their leadership abilities.

What qualifications do you need?

With professional certification, you can enhance your reliability as a coach. A whole range of increased clientele can swoop at your table, and the best part is you will be familiar with the professional standards for coaching. There is no prerequisite to becoming an executive coach. However, having experience working with executives can be a tremendous help.

In case you are searching for what certifications you need to choose, the ICF-approved coaching certification program from Coach Transformation Academy is your one-stop solution. The 60-hours classroom program includes:

  • Extensive 60 hours of coach training
  • Comprehensive mentoring of 10 hours that includes: 7 hours of group mentoring and 3 hours of one-to-one mentoring
  • Orchestrated course modules for a thorough understanding of the ICF principles and code of ethics
  • 4 hours of weekly classes for three months for robust skill-building
  • SMART goal setting
  • Optional business builder module
  • The 6-step individual development plan, and more.


The bridge between executive coaching and your career is a short distance. Ensure to pick the best coaching institute and the right certification program, and you can shape your career as an executive coach. Wondering how to become an executive coach? Reach out to the professionals at Coach Transformation now and get started with Executive coaching now.

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