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I discovered so much about myself…

What I learned over the past two days – I found absolutely mind-opening, not only from the theory point of view but also from a self-reflective perspective. I discovered so much about myself. 

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For me, the most incredible and significant aspect of the learning was that – “life is not just about what one sees on the surface – that there is so much more, ‘deep down’ to each and every human being, that we are all unique in our own way.” 

I discovered that the importance of noticing a client’s sensory perceptions, and the impact it has on the relationship, between the coach and the client; I learned – the importance of a coach using and customizing a client’s words, according to their modality, their ‘sensory language’ – whether the client is visual, auditory or kinaesthetic. 

It made me aware that this creates a significantly important bond and trust between the coach and client – making the client feel safe with their coach; this, in turn, makes the client open-up more, letting the coach in, as they feel they have a connection with the coach. 

For me, another significant aspect that I learned in this section was the use of a coach’s body language and their ‘mirroring’ and ‘leading’ of a client – and the rapport is built with a client. It was fascinating to see how a person can relate to a coach in a positive or negative way – just by the way a coach sits or physically interacts while coaching (mirroring/ leading). 

I loved learning about the ‘Transactional Analysis’ – and the relevance of life and behavior about ‘games.’ For me, hearing the expression “all people play games” makes sense now – it was fascinating to learn how ‘life script,’ ‘drivers,’ strokes’ and ‘life positions’ all attribute to this. 

Another significant aspect I learned from the training was the importance of learning about Emotional Intelligence.  

I found this to be particularly relevant in helping coaches identify and manage their own emotions and feelings and the emotions and feelings of others. This being an essential part of coaching. 

The most significant aspect of the learning was learning the art of listening, questioning, and communication; this had a profound effect on me – not only for coaching but also in life. 

Class Exercises: 

I found that the exercises created a serious self-awareness inside me; it made me realize that there is more than seeing people outside.’ 

The exercise “WHERE do you get your strengths from” – was nothing as ‘boring’ and straightforward as ‘just listing one’s strengths. I discovered how our strengths are developed from past experiences – whether the experience was good and/ or bad; or even sad. This exercise was relevant because it taught me not to be judgemental and to be more accepting of others – as we all come from different cultures and ‘different walks of life.’

My ‘Practice Coaching Session’ yesterday

I found my ‘practice coaching session’ yesterday incredibly inspiring; the most significant part was realizing that one should not get emotionally involved with the client. One needs to focus on the client and not the problem. 

In future practice – I now know that it is my job ‘to serve the client’ by listening attentively – listening is one of the most important skills; while also asking the client thought-provoking questions. 

The importance of calmness and talking slowly was really impactful – It made me realize that doing this gave the client space and time to reflect- all of which is relevant in encouraging a client to open up and trust the coach. In future practice, I will focus on reflecting – on how to be more patient in life. 

The most significant aspect of the learning over the past few days is the excitement and new emotion that I have inside of me. I believe with time, patience, and LOTS of practice – I can be whatever I want!! 

How did the learning impact my ‘being’ and ‘doing’? 

These new learning raised awareness in my being – I discovered that I could be calm and patient, which led me to be a better listener. 

The learning also impacted my behavior (doing) – in being a better communicator, by learning the skills of communication, whether it was physically talking or communicating via body language, metaphors, the outcome frame, and chunking up and/ or down – those aspects being the most significant to my learning, of doing. 

I discovered that emotional intelligence makes up a large percentage of one’s being. Through the learning these above, I realized that it will only impact my ability to be a better coach in both my being and doing. 

How does it change my worldview and perspective? 

These learning were very empowering for me – it has made me realize the importance of slowing down and being calmer; I also found it relevant to let people ‘be’ and reflect in their own time and way. 

They discovered that active listening – can only lead to positive results. That thought-provoking questions – can only allow assisting the client. 

For me, one of the most significant things learned – was that ‘silence is wisdom.’ The relevance of all of these learning has changed my perspective as a person – as a coach. 

What does it make me stretch? 

Patience has always been a stretch for me – relating to me being calm and listening effectively. In future practice, I will focus on the art of silence, calmness, and slowing down. 

What do these learning teach me about me being a coach? 

The most significant and relevant of these learning have taught me that as a coach, the process of self-learning and awareness is essential – as one needs to know oneself. 

In future practice, I will establish trust with the client and build positive relationships with my clients, along with being an active listener and communicator – ‘less being more.’

How will this translate into actions? 

The new learning raised awareness in me – teaching me, through the self-awareness journey, how to be a better coach. 

In the future, I will master these learning – through continued practice, I will perfect the art of trust, listening, and communicating. 

I have realized that practice is essential, which will give me the confidence to be a better coach. 

My actions, in the future – will only develop in a positive way.  

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