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ICF Life Coaching Certification Programs in South Africa | Life Coaching Courses

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The Professional Life Coaching Certification Course is one of the most sought-after coaching courses in Pretoria, Cape Town, Johannesburg, and Durban in South Africa, as certified life coaches are highly in demand in South Africa. Coach Transformation is an ICF (International Coaching Federation) certified life coach certification training institute in South Africa that conducts ICF accredited professional life coaching certification training programs and offers this life coaching program to working professionals and aspiring coaches who wish to become a certified life coach in South Africa and beyond to help others realize their inner potential and grow in their personal and professional lives. Coach Transformation is a world-recognized life coaching training institute that conducts ICF life coaching certification programs in South Africa and other parts of the world as a part of its Level 1 coach certification program, which is the Certified Professional Coach (CPC). This level 1 coaching course is a 60-hour coach-specific course that will provide you with a world class level of recognition from the ICF. ICF (International Coaching Federation) is the highest recognized body in the world of coaching, known for its coaching standards. Our Life Coach Certification training course is ICF accredited for 60 hours of coach training and 10 hours of coach mentoring. Participants have the option to join life coaching course online or as a classroom coach training workshop. 

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Our life coaching certification course is part of our Certified Professional Coach (CPC) certification program. Coach Transformation conducts this course in 6 days of classroom fast-track training, and the certification course takes around 3 months to complete. After completing 60 hours of coaching training, coaches will undergo 10 hours of mentor coaching which includes 7 hours of group mentor coaching and 3 hours of individual coaching as per the requirements of the ICF. In life coaching course, coaches will also be given assignments that need to be submitted within the given schedule.

Key Features:

  • Certified Life Coaching Certification Course
  • 60 hours of Coach-specific Training
  • 10 Hours of Mentor Coaching 
  • Become a Certified Life Coach (Create your own niche)

Course Outcomes:

  • Offer coaching programs in your organization
  • Start your own Life Coaching practice
  • Developed skillset and increased confidence
  • Lead a fulfilled life and career as a coach
  • Drive others towards positivity and success

Known around the world as one of the best life coaching courses in South Africa and the world, Coach Transformation is an ICF Certified coaching certification training institute. Becoming a life coach is a rewarding journey of not only helping others but also becoming a change maker in the world around you. Here, at Coach Transformation, we offer life coaching programs for prospective coaches.  Coaches enrolled in the life coach training in South Africa will learn life coaching and advanced tools. You can use these life coaching tools in coaching conversations with your clients, life coaching techniques, and other required skills. Coaches also have the option to join our Skill Builder sessions to enhance their life coaching skills. These sessions are online and live so that you can sharpen your skills as a Life Coach. After completing this You can also apply to ICF to acquire further credentials after completing your training, mentoring and experience hours. Want to know more about our life coach training in South Africa? Contact us now!

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