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Want to be a Master Coach? This is What You Should Do

master coaching

Master coaching; every coach starts walking on the path of this gratifying career aspiring to be a master coach one day. It’s the highest level of achievement and honor in the coaching industry and community. So, how does one become a master coach? What entails the journey towards gaining the competence of a master coach? Is there a curriculum that one has to follow?

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Surely, you are having all these and more questions popping up in your mind. Hold on to those thoughts and keep reading to find the answers you have been seeking. Here’s what you need to know about master coaching.

Is Master Coaching Different from Normal Coaching?

Coaching is supporting individuals to unlock their potential. Being a master in coaching does not involve different learning. It is as relevant as achieving mastery in any other profession.

To become a successful coach, advancing into the periphery of a master coach, you as a coaching professional would have to apply the knowledge and techniques yourself and undergo a process of self-motivation, realization, and fulfillment of personal objectives by overcoming personal challenges.

So, to answer the question, master coaching is the progression of normal professional coaching. It is achieved with time, learning via experience.

Do You Need Special Training to become a Master Coach?

A master coach is an amalgamation of coaching professional certifications and experiences as a practitioner. While experience is what you gain on the job, working with several clients with diverse issues hailing from varied backgrounds can help you build your professional credibility.

You can also join Coaching Courses aimed at master-level training. You can read more on our Master Level Coaching Training here.

Anyone can be a master coach, such as:

  • Life coach
  • Career coach
  • Business coach
  • Executive coach
  • Team transformation coach

Your niche does not dictate your claim to excellence, your training, and the path you choose to follow.

Master coaching is a comprehensive process of multiple certifications and extensive coaching experience, followed by credentialing from a notable international coaching organization to seal your reputation as the best of all.

The ICF Master Coach

For instance, let’s give you the example of ICF (International Coaching Federation).

Under the ICF, they have three levels of coaching certifications:

  • ACC (Associate Certified Coach)
  • PCC (Professional Certified Coach)
  • MCC (Master Certified Coach)

Each level is segregated by the coach-specific training hours and the coaching hours, which are evaluated during the credentialing process.

For MCC, the ICF requirements are as follows:

  • 200+ hours of coach-specific training.
  • A minimum of 10 hours of mentor coaching by a master coach.
  • 2500+ hours of coaching experience, out of which 2200+ hours have to be paid.
  • Coaching experience should be acquired through 35 clients at least.

For MCC credentialing, you have to fulfill the above requirements, document and furnish the proof to the ICF along with recordings and transcripts of the coaching sessions (2 for performance evaluation). Once the ICF reviews your application, they provide you with a credential. That’s how you gain the credibility for master coaching.


Your journey towards master coaching commences once you enroll in an accredited institute for training and certifications. There are different niches to choose from as per your preference and interests. Check out the link for more information on the coach training courses offered by CTA, the leading training institutes revered globally.

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