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What to Look for in a Life Coach Training Program

life coach training United States

As of 2021, there are more than 17,768 life coaches in the US. In the last five years, the coaching industry in the US has recorded an average YoY growth of 0.5%. These numbers are all proven indicators of the rising popularity and demand for certified life coaches. Owing to that, many are now interested in getting formal training and certification to embark on their very own professional journey as practicing coaches. But how does one choose the right institute for life coach training in the United States?

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Things to Consider When Enrolling in a Coach Training Program

Follow the pointers below to find yourself a trusted, reliable, and well-rounded life coach training in the US.


Are they offering credible and accredited coach programs? That is the first query to make when looking for an institute. The coaching sector might not be regulated, but there are international organizations like ICF (International Coach Federation), EMCC (European Mentoring and Coaching Council), BCC (Board Certified Coach), and likewise that offer accreditations and credentials to the coaches. When searching for an institute, you must check the accreditation of the courses.   

Training Program Module

What do they teach during the training? How will they prepare you to work with clients? What kind of learning approach do they employ? What is the objective of the training module? The answers to all these questions indicate directly towards the training program module. So, before enrolling, make a thorough query about what would be included within the training module and what theories and practical lessons they will offer you. Remember that the training is your foundation, so you cannot compromise with it.

Mode of Training

Are they offering online or offline training? Or are they offering both and you can choose as per your convenience? Online training is more preferred by professionals and people who are neck-deep in multiple tasks throughout the week. It enables them to attend classes at their convenience. Other than that, in terms of the institute, it also gives you the chance to reach out to learning centers based in other geographies that carry a global repute.

Coaching Community

Many institutes induct you into their very own coaching community. Being a part of such groups or global communities, you get to interact with fellow coaching practitioners learning from their experiences and drawing valuable lessons from the same.


Last but not the least, always go through the testimonials posted by former coaching candidates and see what they have to say about the quality of the training offered, the range of the curriculum, whether what they learned helped them after starting the practice, and likewise. 

Start your Life Coach Training in the United States

To summarize, the foundation of your practice as a competent and successful coach begins at the institute where you get the training and certification. Hence the place from where you are gaining the knowledge matters a lot. Coach Transformation Academy is one of the most recognized Life Coaching training providers in the United States.

CTA is one of the top institutes for life coach training in the United States, offering online training programs with flexible timings imparted by a faculty of credentialed coaches and mentors. It trains in multiple niches, and all courses are accredited by ICF, EMCC, CCE (BCC), and SHRM. Check out their website to know more about the training modules and certifications.

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