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ICF accredited coach training programs are the most sought-after coaching certification courses in Canada and worldwide. ICF is one of the largest coach credentialing organizations in the world and has coaches certified globally. ICF accredited coach training programs are one of the bestselling programs in Canada. Working professionals look forward to ICF (International Coaching Federation) accredited coaching courses to grow in their current profession. Each course you undergo with Coach Transformation is an ICF approved coach certification course in Level 1 and Level 2 Pathways, which are conducted online for working professionals and aspiring coaches. Our ICF coaching courses give you the option and flexibility to attend the classes at your convenience and pace. We have a global coach community of certified coaches and Canada contributes to a large number of coaches from Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, Calgary, Quebec City, Vancouver, Hamilton, Edmonton, and many other places who attended an online coach certification training course and are part of the coach practicum community.

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We are one of the best ICF approved coaching training institutes globally. The Coach Transformation ICF Certified Coach Certification Training Program is designed to not only help you become a successful professional coach but also to take your current career to the next level. If you are an aspiring coach and want to make coaching your main profession, this is the best course for you to undergo. We conduct 125 hours of coaching training programs at two levels, ICF Level 1 & Level 2. If you are starting and learning coaching as a beginner and want to become a coach with an advanced level of coaching skills, you need to complete 125 hours of coaching training, and if you have already completed ICF Level 1 or possess the ICF ACC credentials, you can attend 65 hours of coaching training only.

Below are the details for these two levels separately.

Certified Professional Coach (Level 1)

Certified Professional Coach (CPC) is the level 1 online ICF accredited coach training program. This course is approved by ICF for level 1 coaching training and 10 hours of mentor coaching. During this course, you will learn the art and science of coaching, the ICF core competencies of coaching, how to use these ICF coaching competencies of coaching in your conversations, understand the behavioral and communication patterns of your coachee, and much more. You can join our ICF Level 1 coach certification training program online and in the classroom. We offer coach training in Fast-track, Weekend, and Weekly formats.

ICF requires coaches to undergo mentor coaching. Additionally, we do offer mentor coaching, which is conducted as 7 hours of group mentor coaching and 3 hours of individual mentor coaching. In mentor coaching sessions, your coach trainer will give you detailed feedback based on your coaching conversations so that you can improve and enhance your coaching skills under the guidance of a trained coach and mentor. After completing mentor coaching, learners can choose to undergo coaching specialization and business builder modules. These modules are best for aspiring coaches who wish to become a full-time coach and start working as a certified professional coach in Canada. Coaching specialization of becoming a life coach or career coach and a specialized Business builder module are part of our ICF accredited coach training programs. 

During your journey with us in this ICF coach training, you will learn various tools and models of Life Coach, and Career Coach at the Level 1 coaching certification. Coach Transformation has designed this specialization module for the coaches who look forward to working as a professional coach with their preferred niche; they can master their niche with our Master Coach Certification (Level 3) program. After you complete this, you will be awarded the designation of Coach Transformation Certified Professional Coach (CPC – Level 1). You can also advance your coaching career professionally with our advanced certification courses, like the Senior Certified Professional Coach (SCPC).

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Senior Certified Professional Coach (Advanced) (Level 2)

Coach Transformation offers this advanced (ICF Level 2) coach certification course to coaches who have completed 60 hours of ICF coaching training (Level 1) and wish to take their coaching skills and career to the next level. You can also enroll for this course If you are new to coach training and have not undergone 60 hours of coaching training before, you need to attend 125 hours of coaching training to complete this course. We offer fast-track, weekend, and weekly cohorts in our ICF Level 2 coaching courses as well.

This course contains advanced coaching models, tools, and techniques. You will learn advanced coaching psychology, organization, and individual change models, transformational models in coaching, emotional intelligence, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), and much more. Our SCPC course is accredited by the International Coaching Federation (ICF) for level 2, the European Mentoring & Coaching Council (EMCC) for EQA (Practitioner), and SHRM (Recertification).

When you start looking for online coaching courses to become a professional coach, it is very important for you to enroll in the right course with the right coaching institute. As a global leading coaching institute, we would highly recommend choosing an ICF accredited coaching program and an ICF approved coaching certification training organization. You will get global recognition after earning an ICF certificate as a coach. After completing this course, you will be awarded the designation of Senior Certified Professional Coach (SCPC). This Level 2 certificate is valid with the ICF and you can submit it there to get your ICF PCC credentials. 

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