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Life Coaching Certification Courses

ICF Life Coaching Certification Programs in Canada | Life Coaching Courses Online

Join Our ICF Life Coaching Programs to Become an ICF Certified Life Coach

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The life coach certification training course is part of our coaching course to learn life coaching skills, tools, techniques, and models required for life coaching. Life coaching course includes coach-specific training and 10 hours of mentor coaching. ICF Accredited Life coaching certification program is a life-changing course for personal and professional development in life and to help others do so. Coach Transformation is an ICF approved coaching certification training institute and our ICF life coaching certification program in Canada is approved by the ICF as a level 1 pathway. This life coaching course is conducted online in Canada. We are proud to have life coaches attend our course online from various parts of Canada, like Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, Calgary, Quebec City, Vancouver, Hamilton, Edmonton, and many other places.

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The life coach certification course is part of our ICF Level 1 coach training program, which is the Certified Professional Coach (CPC) course offered online and in the classroom. The training is conducted online and can be completed in Fast-track, Weekend, or Weekly cohorts. As per the guidelines of the ICF (International Coaching Federation), you will also undergo 10 hours of mentor coaching, which is divided into 7 hours of group mentor coaching and 3 hours of individual mentor coaching. 

During life coaching certification training, you will learn the latest life coaching models, tools, and techniques and will practice them with peers and other coaches who are part of our global coaching community. This can be considered one of the best life coach training programs in Canada, as in this course you will not only learn the life coaching techniques, but you will also be writing your own life coaching model and we will support you to ensure you develop the best working life coaching model for yourselves. Becoming a Life Coach teaches you how to be resourceful, develop your own strategies for success, expand your inner potential, and become a certified life coach in Canada.

Key Features of Our Level 1 Coach Certification Course:

  • ICF Coach-specific training
  • Real-time Peer Coaching
  • Become a certified Life Coach
  • Get a Life Coaching business toolkit

Life Coaching Course Outcomes:

  • Be a professional Life Coach
  • Offer coaching programs in your organization
  • Start your own Life Coaching business
  • Developed skillset and enhanced confidence
  • Lead a fulfilled life and career as a certified coach
  • Drive others towards positivity and success

After completing these modules, you also have the option to undergo the Coach Transformation Business Builder module, which is part of our coaching certification program. This module contains information on designing a coaching website, marketing strategies as a coach, setting up a coaching business, creating your coaching model and niche, etc.

After all your modules are completed, Coach Transformation conducts a final performance evaluation to ensure the effectiveness and application of life coaching in coaching practice. After qualifying for this test, you will be awarded our certificate of Certified Professional Coach for Life Coaching. This certificate is valid with ICF and you can submit it to ICF to get ACC credentials.

With Coach Transformation, begin your life coaching career path by joining the best life coaching certification programs in Canada. Learn how to become a certified life coach and how to start the self-employed journey of becoming an ICF Certified life coach, helping individuals and businesses realize their goals. With Coach Transformation’s comprehensive training modules, you will acquire lifelong competencies for success. Coach Transformation not only provides coaching certification training but also has an international peer coaching community for networking opportunities and ongoing support even after the completion of its ICF Level 1 & Level 2 coaching programs. 

Become a Certified Life Coach in Canada through Coach Transformation and transform lives while enjoying a rewarding and purposeful profession. 

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