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How can you become an Executive Coach in Egypt?

As the world continues to battle against the COVID-19 pandemic, some of the major economies are struggling. Egypt has exceeded its economic expectation even in this global crisis. The International Monetary Fund has stated that the Egyptian economy is up for a steady recovery in the post-pandemic era. This makes the road ahead very steep and filled with challenges for the people spearheading various organizations in the region. It is the right time to employ professional executive coaches to work with human resources. If not, then the senior level management can take the onus to get training for executive coaching in Egypt so that they can guide the company and the employees in the right direction, which is growth.

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What is Executive Coaching?

Executive coaching is a specialized branch of coaching with its focus on the professional aspect of human living. An executive coach is a trained individual who works with senior-level employees like executives, managers, team leaders, and likewise.

These professionals conduct either one-to-one or group sessions with the executive level people, interacting and motivating them. The purpose is to support them in self-realization and discover the hidden potential and then use it to the fullest to achieve the organizational goals.

How is it different from other forms of Coaching? 

As already mentioned, executive coaching is a separate niche within the coaching domain and hence is different from the others. The approach taken by the coach might be different, but the result, along with the target clients, all vary from other types of coaching like career coaching, life coaching, team coaching, etc.

Professionals trained and certified in executive coaching in Egypt work within the corporate limits specifically. While they do have the usual professional level training like any other coach, they also undergo special executive coach training to cater to a special niche of clients.

How does one become an Executive Coach?

To become an executive coach in Egypt requires enrolling in an executive coach training program under an accredited institute. For this blog, we will elaborate on the training offered by Coach Transformation Academy (CTA) to make the readers get a better grasp on the attributes of a standard course.

CTA is one of the most sought-after coaching institutes globally, offering various programs for leaders, executives, professionals, and aspiring coaches, one being the executive coach training program. It conducts classroom training in Cairo, Egypt. Other than that, it also has world-class online certification training programs with flexible class timings. CTA’s interactive and ICF-accredited courses range from coaching and NLP training to ‘Train the Trainer’ programs. The courses provide the professionals and leaders with the right knowledge and tools needed for coaching, helping them discern their niche or specialization.

Here’s a brief glimpse of their executive coaching online course. You can also join the CTA free sample class to know more about how it’s like to be trained at the CTA.

Executive Coaching Certification(accredited by ICF for 20 CCE units)

  • Prerequisite: A minimum of 60 hours of coach-specific training for 8 weeks
  • 20 hours of coach-specific training (weekly)
  • Fully interactive classes of 120 minutes each
  • Real-time peer coaching
  • Live, interactive online classes
  • Get practical tools and techniques to coach executives at all levels
  • Receive 20 ICF-CCE units on program completion

All classes are conducted in English, and the student gets lifetime access to all training resources. CTA Certified Executive Coach certificate is provided after the completion of the entire course.


CTA has an extensive range of training programs, starting from the foundational level to master coaching level and everything in-between, including specialized and advanced courses. On completion of training and certification, one gets access to CTA’s global community of coaches, a great platform for peer coaching and interaction for the newly certified.

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