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ICF Accredited Coach Training Programs in Spain

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ICF accredited coach training programs are Level 2 programs, which means they are all-inclusive ICF accredited coaching programs. By all-inclusive we mean that coaches looking for coaching certification programs will undergo coach training and other ICF requirements, including the final performance evaluation conducted by the coach training institutes. Coaches in Spain generally prefer to take an ICF accredited coaching program so that they complete all the ICF requirements with a coach training institute and do not have to find or search for multiple institutes or people to fulfill the requirements. ICF approved coaching credentials, like the ICF Associate Certified Coach (ACC), and Professional Certified Coach (PCC), are the best & world-renowned credentials. ICF also holds the record for the largest number of coaches certified globally. ICF accredited coach training programs are one of the bestselling programs in Spain. Many coaches from Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Seville, and Zaragoza, in Spain, inquired about attending ICF accredited coaching training programs, conducted online by Coach Transformation. Almost everyone who is interested in learning coaching skills to become a certified professional coach asks for ICF (International Coaching Federation) accredited coaching courses to ensure that they are getting to learn the GOLD STANDARD of coaching, as that’s what ICF approved coaching courses are called in the coaching industry. All our coaching courses are ICF approved coaching certification courses conducted online for professionals & aspiring coaches. Online coaching certification courses are the best way to learn coaching, as they give you time and comfort to complete the course at your own pace.

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If you are an aspiring coach and want to make coaching your profession, this is the best ICF certified coaching program for you to undergo. Some of the course details about our Coach certification training programs are –

Certified Professional Coach (Level 1)

Certified Professional Coach (CPC) is a level 1 ICF accredited coaching certification program at Coach Transformation. This course is approved for 60 hours of coaching training and 10 hours of mentor coaching. During the CPC Level 1 course, you will learn the art and science of coaching, the ICF core competencies of coaching, how to use these core competencies of coaching in your conversations, how to understand the behavioral and communication patterns of your coachee, and much more. We believe in learning at a pace that encourages learners to get certified faster; therefore, most of our coach training programs are fast-track. Other than that, we also provide weekend and weekly batches, and the online coach training certification program takes no more than 3-4 months with 3.5 hours of weekly online sessions.

The coaching program inclusions are –

  • 60 hours of coach training (48 hours of face-to-face & 12 hours of assignments and field work)
  • 10 hours of mentor coaching (7 hours of group & 3 hours of one-on-one mentoring)
  • Coaching Specialization Module (Optional but recommended)
  • Business Builder Module (Optional but recommended for aspiring professional coaches)

Once you complete these training hours, you will have the designation of Coach Transformation Certified Professional Coach (CPC – Level 1) which fulfills the criteria of ICF ACC (Associate Certified Coach) coach training and mentoring requirements.

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Senior Certified Professional Coach (Advanced) (Level 2)

Coach Transformation offers this advanced professional coach certification (SCPC level 2) course as a 125-hour coaching certification course. If you have already completed 60 hours of level 1 coach training, you will only need to undergo the remaining 65 hours of advanced coaching training (level 2 only). This ICF approved coaching program is recommended to aspiring coaches who want to establish their careers as ICF Professional Certified Coach (PCC) and start their own business as a life coach, executive coach, career coach, or business coach.

This coaching program includes –

  • 125 hours of coach training (100 hours of face to face online classes & 13 hours of assignment and field work)
  • 10 hours of mentor coaching (7 hours of group & 3 hours of one on one mentoring)
  • Coaching Specialization Module
  • Business Builder Module (for aspiring professional coaches)

During the Senior Certified Professional Coach (SCPC) (Level 2) course, you will learn advanced coaching models, tools, and techniques with advanced coaching psychology, organization and individual change models, transformational models in coaching, emotional intelligence, and much more.

Once you complete this ICF Coaching Course, you will be awarded the designation of Senior Certified Professional Coach (SCPC), which can be used to earn ICF credentials as a PCC coach.

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