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How to Become a Certified Professional Coach

Certification helps individuals to improve professional capability with credibility. Certification offers a label of professionalism to the service provided.  The International Coach Federation’s certification is regarded as gold standard offering global support network for professional coaches. To become a Professional Coach with valid credentials one needs to choose an academy that is affiliated with ICF, which offers Classroom and online training.

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Different ICF accredited Coach Training Programs
There are multiple training programs that help participants to receive ICF certification,   including the following.

Executive Coach/Practitioner
This training program helps participants to understand how to lead a team and helps executives in setting goals and the means to achieving them effectively. Participants get to help clients in identifying challenges and obstacles within organizations, and assist in preparing action plans. It takes about a maximum of 6 months of time to become a professionally certified Executive Coach. This leads the participant to receive ICF accredited Executive Coach Certification.

Life Coach/Practitioner
Life coaching is a specially structured program which offers guidance and complete support to individuals who are not experts in handling tough situations in life. This program helps people to grow in personal and professional life. When a person becomes a Life Coach practitioner they are in a position to help clients deal with marital, social issues, or multiple challenges.  The modules in this program and the various tools in the training are designed to change negative attitudes and give individuals an optimistic, progressive and confident attitude.

Certified Professional Coach (Level 1)
This Coach Training is a 60-hour program intended for participants from the corporate sector and for all those who would like to become professional life coaches. The participants are typically trained in professional coaching skills. This consists of 11 modules which are divided into Foundation, Intermediate and Advance level. The participant would be eligible for ICF ACC Level Credentials.

Certified Professional Coach (Level 2)
This coaching skill is the next advanced level of Coaching and this program is as follows

  • Pre training reading assignment
  • Learning Reflection Assignments
  • Supervised Advanced coaching Practices
  • Advanced Coaching skills training
  • Discussion and Review of live recorded coaching session
  • Research paper Assignment
  • Integration of PCC markers in advanced coaching

This would help participants to understand more about coaching skills and help them to assist their clients.

Certified NLP Business Practitioner Coach
NLP Neuro Linguistic Programming helps in developing communication, coaching skills and the art of using the right language. This is useful in business, in corporate interactions and during coaching. The NLP Practitioner Coaching modules help to improve human communication patterns and the manner in which it is applied in coaching and in a corporate environment.

Certified Emotional Intelligence Course
The nature of this course helps to improve coaching skills among participants through emotional intelligence and its application in coaching. The coaching module provides the participant with an integrated toolset.  The modules and tools of the programs can be used in life coaching, executive coaching, career coaching and business coaching.

Coaching skills: Train the Trainer
The program consists of coaching training and assessment to provide credentials for coaches as coach trainer. This program helps in understanding all about mentoring, assessing coaching sessions and to develop training skills for trainers. The participants would also be provided with Train-the-Trainer manual for further references and maintaining standards.

Corporate Coaching Skills for Managers and Supervisors
The program is created for managers who have the responsibility of leading and guiding a team; this program ensures that coaching helps in improving the performance of a team. The extensive skill certification program requires managers to equip themselves through classroom sessions, online learning, implementing projects and understanding the benefits of the coaching by the team’s performance.

Coaching skills for leadership development
This program is for senior leaders and managers, as this involves applying coaching skills to lead goals and mission of an organization. This program ensures that leadership skills are taken to the next level as they develop themselves as motivators and inspiring leaders with good relationship with clients and stakeholders leading to dynamic improvement.

Participants who are interested to join a course need to choose an academy that is accredited to offer courses that lead to MCC credentialing; one that has the right kind of instructional and training aids, in addition to competent professionals to guide and mentor the participants in the program. While it is important to ensure that participants choose a program that is accredited, it is equally important to choose the right academy. Without the benefit of the right kind of training aids, resources and competent instructors, the process of obtaining credentials/certification is more likely to be delayed. The right training center will also equip the individual with expertise that not only justifies the certification but elevates the credentials.

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